Farah Takes Birtherism to Whole New Level

Farah Takes Birtherism to Whole New Level August 8, 2012

Leave it to Joseph Farah to take his absolutely obsession with birther bullshit to a whole new level of crazy. He doesn’t just doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii (apparently George Soros invented a time machine, went back and planted a birth announcement in two Hawaiian papers); he doesn’t just doubt that Obama’s father may not be his real father; he actually doubts who Obama’s mother is.

The New York Times has discovered yet another way to cheerlead the “authenticity” of the paper’s favorite presidential candidate – not just in this election, but perhaps in any election.

The “newspaper of record” managed to develop a comprehensive story that speculates Barack Obama, who claims, without substantiation, to be the son of a white mother and a Kenyan visiting student, has roots in slavery – like so many other African-Americans.

The irony of this claim is that the slave genealogy comes not from his alleged father, but his alleged mother.

But the real irony of the story is that the public still really has no proof of who Obama’s biological parents were – since they are both dead and the only documentation put forward has been disputed by anyone and everyone who has examined it, including the only law-enforcement investigation to do so.

There simply is no bottom to this barrel. If he claimed that Obama was really a reptilian, I would not be shocked.

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