Rodda To Get Book on Barton Website?

Rodda To Get Book on Barton Website? August 11, 2012

FTB’s Chris Rodda, who has done more than anyone else to reveal the lies told at an astonishing rate by David Barton, is taking Barton’s co-host up on a challenge he issued on his website. Rick Green absurdly compares Barton’s critics to Adolf Hitler:

Question: What do elitist professors have in common with Adolf Hitler & Saul Alinsky?

Answer: They masterfully use the powerful art of innuendo to falsely defame those with which they disagree.

Definition of Innuendo: A derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing.

The internet is abuzz today with leftwing bloggers, elitist professors, and downright jealous peers licking their chops and rubbing their hands in excitement as they repeat the juicy quotes about David Barton books being full of “embarrassing factual errors, suspiciously selective quotes, and highly misleading claims.”

Yet not a single article can point to a single factual error, quote out of context, or misleading claim.

Talk about delusional. Those critics, including Chris, have pointed out innumerable errors and lies, not only in the latest book but pretty much every time Barton opens his mouth or puts pen to paper. Chris put out an entire book of them and is finishing up a new book just about his lies about Jefferson. And Green finishes his post by dropping a challenge:

If you can show me specifics that back up the image created by the critics innuendo, I’ll post it right here for the world to see.

Waiting, waiting.

Bueller, Bueller? Yes, Ben Stein’s character in that movie is EXACTLY what I picture with most of these critics!!!!

Chris has taken him up on that challenge, leaving a comment that, as of now, he has not allowed to go to the page. I frankly doubt he will. He’ll likely find some reason to dismiss it or pretend it doesn’t exist.

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