Barton Co-Host Fails His Own Challenge

Barton Co-Host Fails His Own Challenge August 14, 2012

On Saturday, Rick Green, co-host of David Barton’s radio show, posted a challenge on his website. He said, “If you can show me specifics that back up the image created by the critics innuendo, I’ll post it right here for the world to see.” Our own Chris Rodda took him up on that challenge and sent him a link to her first book, which is full of specific instances of Barton distorting the truth. And here is the entirely predictable response:

Chris Rodda seems to have devoted her life to making youtube videos of herself ranting about WallBuilders and now she has teamed up with the military version of the ACLU. Her criticisms are exactly like those I described in my previous blog, but even more illogical and lacking real substance. She has a very small audience, so she follows our radio show and blogs and looks for opportunities to criticize. She has written a “book” about her criticisms of those of us who promote the faith of America’s Founders and based on her comments on my web page, wants to use my website and FaceBook page to promote and sell her book…

I will not hand over my hard earned outlets (website, Facebook, etc.) to critics who have proven themselves to be illogical and slanderous. Those critics are more than welcome to build their own audience. But since I did issue a challenge and ask for people to give me specifics, I am gladly recommending to you Ms. Rodda’s book because it is further evidence of EMPTY criticism that reminds me of clouds without rain. I’ll even provide a link here to her website, but I will not post her generalized accusations that have no actual evidence. If you read her book and in comparison to Barton’s book you are persuaded by her, then congrats to her! That’s the beauty of the arena of ideas!

Even with the lack of rhetoric and logic taught in our schools today, I doubt anyone will genuinely be persuaded by her, but liberals will love her claims regardless of the lack of evidence. The problem with Ms. Rodda’s posts and book is that they come nowhere close to answering my challenge for “specific inaccuracies” or “false claims” in David Barton’s book on Jefferson.

This is a lie, of course. You can read the book for yourself, it is nothing but specific examples of Barton’s distortions, page after page of them, with incredibly detailed and painstaking research to back it up. But this response was absolutely inevitable. It’s exactly like Kent Hovind’s famous challenge to prove evolution — as judged by him and his friends, of course. So they simply declare that you didn’t do so and you don’t win the challenge.

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