Beck to Republish Barton Book

Beck to Republish Barton Book August 21, 2012

In what may be the least surprising news since Ted Haggard was caught snorting meth off a male hooker’s glutes, it looks like David Barton’s book The Jefferson Lies will be reissued by Glenn Beck’s publishing company after being dropped by Thomas Nelson.

David Barton, author of The Jefferson Lies, which Thomas Nelson pulled from shelves last week, is in negotiations to publish a new edition of the book with Mercury Ink, Glenn Beck’s publishing arm. Barton told PW he bought back around 17,000 copies of the current edition and will sell out of those before the publication of the new edition. He said Nelson would not give him the digital version: “They just pulled that down, and we are going to have to reconvert it if we want to sell an e-book” of the current edition; he added he has not yet decided whether to do that. “It depends on how quickly we think we can get the new edition out.”

Barton said the new edition “will not include any substantive changes, but I will rephrase some things to remove any potential confusion.” He also plans to add back some of the content Nelson cut in their editing process, and that in the process of reviewing the accusations made by his critics, “I have actually run across more supporting documents that strengthen my case, not weaken it.”

Birds of a feather lie together.

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  • Now THERE is a ringing endorsement.

  • hexidecima

    hmmm, and will Beck see the “evidence” that Barton has repeatedly claimed to have and of course has never shown?

  • coragyps

    “I have actually run across written more supporting documents that strengthen my case, not weaken it.”

    – fixed. You are welcome, Mr Barton.

  • d cwilson

    I suspect some of that “rephrasing” will include ads for Goldline.

    Any chance he might name some of those PhD’s he couldn’t tell us were in the room before?

  • oranje

    Dang it, d cwilson… I just warming up for a Goldline swipe. *sigh*

  • Well, with Beck’s company the lines will be thicker on the illustrations, making it much easier to avoid going outside them with the crayons.

  • Draken

    Mercury Ink

    Sounds poisonous.

  • baal

    We knew the book would find a new publisher. I’m glad it’s Glen Beck; there went any pretense that Barton is anything other than an politically biased intentional liar.

  • godlesspanther

    Warren Throckmorton was willing to say that Barton was WRONG. Kudos! I dig it!

    But — is he willing to say that Chris Rodda and Rob Boston were RIGHT?

    Sure Throckmorton, Fea, and them may have the balls to stand up and say that Barton has been WRONG all this time.

    Let’s see if one of them really has a pair — Chris Rodda was fucking RIGHT!! Rob Boston was absolutely spot-on — ADMIT IT!!!

    Let’s see.