Lively Wants Off Hate List

Lively Wants Off Hate List August 23, 2012

I find this kind of amusing. Scott Lively, who is on the far right fringe of the anti-gay crowd occupied by the likes of Fred Phelps, is demanding that “leftists” stop calling him a hatemonger just because he thinks gay people are evil and were responsible for the Holocaust.

This is an open letter to the Southern Poverty Law Center demanding that you CEASE and DESIST labeling me as a “hater,” and viciously lying about me on your website and through your other communications to third parties.

Ever since you put me on your hate list I have been under rhetorical attack from every leftist nut job and “progressive” journalist in America.

ZOMG! Rhetorical attack! That’s otherwise known as criticism. And if writing a book claiming that gay people were responsible for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich doesn’t qualify you as a hateful bigot, we might as well retire those two words from the language completely.

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