Savage v Brown: The Video

Savage v Brown: The Video August 25, 2012

That much-awaited kitchen table debate between Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage and Dan Savage took place at Savage’s home in Seattle and, as promised, the entire thing was recorded and is now available on Youtube.


One of the really interesting moments is when the moderator asked the two men if there was any possible evidence that could make them change their minds. Savage went first and said that if allowing same-sex marriage really did lead down some slippery slope to legalizing beastiality or child molestation, he might change his mind. Pressed to answer the same question, Brown was at least honest: Nothing would change his mind. Even if all those arguments he makes constantly about how marriage equality is going to destroy marriage never come true, he will continue to oppose it.

Why? Because, quite frankly, I don’t think he actually believes those things. Those are just pretexts, spook stories to justify and cover up for the real reason why he opposes marriage equality, which is plain old fashioned bigotry.

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