Imam Arrested for Framing Girl for Blasphemy

Imam Arrested for Framing Girl for Blasphemy September 5, 2012

Well here’s an unexpected twist in the case of the 11-year old girl accused of blasphemy for burning pages of the Quran. A local Imam has been arrested by the Pakistani police for allegedly framing the girl by putting those pages of the Quran into her bag.

Pakistani police arrested a Muslim cleric who allegedly tampered with evidence submitted in the case against a Christian girl accused of desecrating a Quran, an investigating officer said Sunday, the latest twist in a religiously charged affair that has focused attention on the country’s harsh blasphemy laws.

The case against the Christian girl accused of burning pages of a Quran has sparked controversy at home and abroad in large part because of her age and questions about her mental capacity. It also has triggered an exodus of hundreds of Christians from the neighborhood where the girl lived, fearful of retribution by their Muslim neighbors outraged by the alleged desecration of Islam’s holy book.

The cleric, Khalid Chishti, was arrested late Saturday for allegedly planting pages of a Quran in a shopping bag containing burned papers and ash that had been carried by the Christian girl, said Munir Jaffery, an investigating officer in the case. The bag was then submitted as evidence to the police.

A member of the imam’s mosque blew the whistle on him. It highlights one more reason to oppose barbaric blasphemy laws — they can so easily be used to get back at one’s enemies. I can’t imagine why this little girl was the target of this, but it doesn’t really matter. Blasphemy laws should be eliminated, everywhere and immediately.

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  • Chiroptera

    It highlights one more reason to oppose barbaric blasphemy laws — they can so easily be used to get back at one’s enemies.

    And, seriously, what other purpose do they serve?

  • And, seriously, what other purpose do they serve?

    Enforcing conformity and training the herd what happens to nonconformists. Religion’s purpose is social control, we shouldn’t be shocked when people try to use it for that purpose.

    I know you were asking facetiously, but I couldn’t let that one go. 🙂

  • jaxkayaker

    Didn’t the act of framing actually result in the imam himself desecrating his own holy book?

  • Yeah, but they still have to execute her for letting a male hand reach into her temptress bag.

  • jamessweet

    I can’t imagine why this little girl was the target of this, but it doesn’t really matter.

    The impression I got from earlier articles (before this arrest) was that the girl maybe had one page of a Quran that had gotten mixed in with some trash and burned, and when it was reported to this imam, he was (of course) enraged, but also realized that was not really going to be enough evidence to bust her… so he planted more evidence, just to make sure “justice” was done. Kind of like when cops bust a known drug dealer, but when he turns up clean, they plant drugs on him, amirite?

    This is mostly wild speculation on my part, but it is the vibe I got from earlier articles. It would explain the motivation, at least, since it would be odd if the imam had a vendetta against an 11-year-old…

  • busterggi

    And thousands of Muslims will be demanding his execution.

    Nah, just like Christian fundies they always forgive their own – only their own.

  • StevoR

    YES! 🙂

    Great news. (Raised beer salute.)

    Wonder if they’ll apply the traditional Sharia law penalty for this crook and behead him?

  • Any sign of the rampaging hate-mobs believing this, or are they just adding the court to their “to burn” list?

  • d cwilson

    I guess the one bright spot in this is that the girl wasn’t turned over to the angry mob before this little tidbit was uncovered.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t part of a larger effort to clear the Christians out of their neighborhood. In which case, it was a rousing success.

  • anubisprime

    This fiasco demonstrates perfectly the moral imperatives that all religions boogie by!

    If offered an opportunity they will manufacture …lie…and exaggerate any and all claims that denigrate and cast the rival religion in such a negative light that the target group, well have to die as gruesome a death as is possible to assuage the dignity of the group that claims the slight against their delusion.

    If that means burning to death a handicapped young girl…all the better for the glory of a figment of a warped and damaged ego!

    Even planting and framing a target is not out of the question cos their god needs a little hand to dispense with the smiting!

    That one of the little shits cronies raised the alarm would be more to do with damage control of the local scam artists then any real concern for the victim.

    Maybe the story became a little questionable and suspect under investigation, and someone had to be outed when it started to become apparent who was up to their sweaty little armpits in collusion and attempted murder…because who would bet the sentence would not have been carried out joyfully had the verdict been passed.

    Religion creates a lying vindictive vicious paranoid unbalanced evil in men because the premise is a lying vindictive vicious paranoid unbalanced evil.

    This is about one religion bullying another one with self invented ‘evidence’…it is what they do…all religions do it…it is their duty to wreak misery and fear wherever they can…it is all they are capable of.

    Notice the various international community organizations of Muslim clerics said not one word?

    And now we know who desecrated the book…cos he obviously tore pages out of it…will he be burned?

  • erichoug

    I was listening to this on NPR last night and it had a slightly different slant on it. According to NPR the cleric wasn’t in trouble for framing the girl, he was in trouble because he actually burned pages of a Koran to stuff in her book bag. Which, supposedly already had burned pages of the Koran.

    In my opinion, this casts the whole incident in an even WORSE light.

  • leonardschneider

    So apparently, by burning a book, one manages to destroy the collective awareness and memory of what was written in it. Millions of people’s minds simply go blank as to its message and contents. Wow.

    [*snap*] Hey! That means I could improve the world’s collective good taste and literacy with a pile of John Grisham novels and some kerosene!

  • NitricAcid

    He was probably upset that she wouldn’t marry him.

  • “Imam Arrested for Framing Girl for Blasphemy”

    What, no pedophilia? No extramarital sex with a gay prostitute? No illicit drugs, no buying of lavish gifts with congregant’s money?

    This is just more evidence that Muslims are backwards and primitive compared to our own religious leaders.

  • I’d like to hope this might be one step in an attempt by the Pakistanis to get a handle on the religious hysteria that’s tearing their society apart. If incidents like this can be used to cast doubt on the effect and intent of blasphemy laws, that might help to cool the shameless eagerness with which they’re enforced.

  • iangould

    I reall admie how the fact that the Pakistani police actually did their job and proved the girl’s innocence, isn’t getting in the way of peoplr here using this thread as another excuse to attack Islam.

  • anubisprime

    iangould @ 16

    I am not attacking Islam per se…I am attacking all religions that pretend to be the true religion and threaten to burn young handicapped girls to prove it.

    Any religion that feels moved to such barbaric and inhuman acts actually proves only two things…their god is a fiction and their lack of self confidence in that god moves them to pretend otherwise!

    What god needs his followers to burn young probably terrified he not capable of sorting the problem out for itself?

    It was not that long ago that the xian religion enjoyed such pastimes.

    So this is not just about Islam it is about religions that become so mentally unstable and frightened that this behaviour is considered just!

    There are xians that think that burning atheists is a righteous thing to do although admit that the law might be a tad pissed at them…today they mollify themselves by declaring that all atheists actually burn in hell, so whatever way you cut it the intent is still very much there!

    Blasphemy and heresy, two sides of the same coin, and legislating for it is their own fear and cowardice being covered up by more sheer insanity.

    That is religion, certainly the main ones…mentally destructive…and when out of control actually a murderous evil.

  • dingojack

    d cwilson – it was reported that clearing christians from the neighbourhood was the stated motive for the framing*. Looks like they should break out the ‘mission accomplished’ sign.

    🙁 Dingo


    * is this true? I don’t know; that was what was reported. (I’m not inclined to believe the media’s first guess).

  • Artor

    Apparently, although it has been shown that there is no case against the poor girl, she is still being held in jail. The mob still wants her dead, not because she committed blasphemy, but because now she’s gotten their beloved imam in trouble. By somehow forcing him to desecrate a Koran in order to frame her.

  • Erp

    I doubt the Imam had anything against the girl in particular; she was just a means to attack and possibly remove the local Christian community (think mob violence). I also doubt the girl had her hands on any piece of a Qu’ran (in Pakistan who would throw that into the rubbish) but might have had some paper with Arabic on it.

  • F


    It is likely accurate, or at least one reason: To focus enough hatred at the moment to get the Christers out. Which they did, and there was much rejoicing. (Seriously, there was.) Whatever, it was certainly meant to stir up active hatred. We may never know what practical end besides the hatred was desired. Maybe the imam and his buds wanted the xians killed, or further shunned.

  • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

    Kind of ironic seeing this juxtaposed with the behavior that prompted Jen’s…I’m telling myself it’s a sabbatical D:

    Bigoted sacks of dog shit really are all alike, aren’t they?

  • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

    I reall admie how the fact that the Pakistani police actually did their job and proved the girl’s innocence, isn’t getting in the way of peoplr here using this thread as another excuse to attack Islam.

    And why is the act of which she was proved innocent even considered a “crime”?

    You disingenuous little shit.

  • dingojack

    Azkyroth – Firstly, who’s ‘Jen’, and what behaviour do you refer?

    Secondly, yes you’re completely right! Being glad that the Pakistani police didn’t leave an disabled 11 year old to the tender mercies of the mob, but instead investigated the crimes of attempted murder, incitement, tampering with evidence and attempting to pervert the course of justice based on evidence and information gathered, is just soooo disingenuous.

    The alternative would have clearly shown a much greater level of frankness.


  • Nick Gotts (formerly KG)


    “Jen” is Jen McCreight, who initiated Atheism+, and announced yesterday that she’s been driven to abandon blogging on FtB by persecution from misogynist shitbags. But your response to Azkyroth is right: although the victim is still in custody, it does appear that this disgusting incident may finally have prompted some rudiments of shame among the Pakistani establishment – not that the blasphemy laws are likely to be changed any time soon, but just perhaps, this could be a turning point.

  • dingojack

    I sincerely hope so (but I’m not holding my breath).