Imam Arrested for Framing Girl for Blasphemy

Imam Arrested for Framing Girl for Blasphemy September 5, 2012

Well here’s an unexpected twist in the case of the 11-year old girl accused of blasphemy for burning pages of the Quran. A local Imam has been arrested by the Pakistani police for allegedly framing the girl by putting those pages of the Quran into her bag.

Pakistani police arrested a Muslim cleric who allegedly tampered with evidence submitted in the case against a Christian girl accused of desecrating a Quran, an investigating officer said Sunday, the latest twist in a religiously charged affair that has focused attention on the country’s harsh blasphemy laws.

The case against the Christian girl accused of burning pages of a Quran has sparked controversy at home and abroad in large part because of her age and questions about her mental capacity. It also has triggered an exodus of hundreds of Christians from the neighborhood where the girl lived, fearful of retribution by their Muslim neighbors outraged by the alleged desecration of Islam’s holy book.

The cleric, Khalid Chishti, was arrested late Saturday for allegedly planting pages of a Quran in a shopping bag containing burned papers and ash that had been carried by the Christian girl, said Munir Jaffery, an investigating officer in the case. The bag was then submitted as evidence to the police.

A member of the imam’s mosque blew the whistle on him. It highlights one more reason to oppose barbaric blasphemy laws — they can so easily be used to get back at one’s enemies. I can’t imagine why this little girl was the target of this, but it doesn’t really matter. Blasphemy laws should be eliminated, everywhere and immediately.

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