Rev. Moon Dies

Rev. Moon Dies September 5, 2012

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon is dead from pneumonia. Let me be blunt: Good. He was a fascist and a con man who fleeced millions of people and caused incalculable damage to untold numbers of lives. The world is a far better place without him.

The Moon-owned Washington Times amusingly said that he “led [a] religious movement to help promote world peace.” Wrong. He led a totalitarian cult and a network of corrupt, mafia-like businesses all over the world. And he helped fund the worst of the American right wing for the last few decades through a sham “newspaper” and a slew of front organizations. And his minions are saying:

A comment was not immediately available from Unification Church International President Hyung Jin Moon, his youngest son and appointed successor of the religious movement. But Rev. Joshua Cotter, vice president of the Unification Church USA, said Sunday that “the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, revered by millions as the Messiah and True Parent, who was born in Korea but who lived more than 40 years in America … has ascended.” …

“His vision of sacred marriage, of the formation of ideal families and a world of peace has been taken up by millions of people around the world and a second and third generation of Unificationists,” Mr. Cotter said.

Thomas P. McDevitt, president of The Washington Times, said Sunday that “words cannot convey my heart at this time.”

“Rev. Sun Myung Moon has long loved America, and he believed in the need for a powerful free press to convey accurate information and moral values to people in a free world. The Washington Times stands as a tangible expression of those two loves,” he said.

Talk about spraying gold paint on a turd. Now the question is one of succession: Who will take over this truly evil empire? Scoobie Davis, who has probably done more to get out the truth about Moon than anyone else (save perhaps John Gorenfeld), says there may be a dispute between two of his sons.

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