Lively Encourages Mob Violence to Stop ‘Gay Fascism’

Lively Encourages Mob Violence to Stop ‘Gay Fascism’ September 7, 2012

The maniacally anti-gay Scott Lively, who thinks gay people should be coerced into “reversion therapy” with threats of imprisonment and who blames gay people for the Holocaust, actually seems to think that the anti-gay bigots have been a bit too nice up to this point. And now he says it’s time to get tough:

Now we know that when the leftists attempt to push a “gay fascism bill” in politically conservative areas, our response must be to create controversy to draw public attention to the bill so that the people wake up and realize there’s a problem. Throw out the old playbook of acting nice and trying to persuade the public officials through reason. They think they are smarter than you all anyhow and have already made up their minds. They need to see angry crowds with tar and feathers in hand coming to run them out of office! Indeed, the Mayor of Springfield complained to the media that he was extremely bothered by threats of recall by the citizens.

If you find out there’s a “gay fascism bill” coming to your conservative town and need help exposing it to the public, just give me a call and I’ll come to help. Invite me to give a speech on my book “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party” or address the global threat of homosexuality – or to give a give a sermon or lecture on ANY aspect of the homosexual issue. When they hear I’m coming to town every left-wing fanatic for miles around will start wailing and gnashing their teeth, and normal people will start popping their heads up to see what’s going on. Once that snowball of public controversy starts down the hill it takes very little effort to keep it rolling till it smashes right through the doors of city hall like an avalanche.

This is the last gasp, the furious reaction, of those who know they’re losing. Those who opposed equality for black people used the same kind of rhetoric 50 years ago, but they lost. The bigots are going to lose too.

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