Romney Stocks Black Leadership Council With Loonies

Romney Stocks Black Leadership Council With Loonies September 7, 2012

The Romney campaign announced the formation of its Black Leadership Council and it contains some real doozies. It has three co-chairs: Rep. Tim Scott (R-NC), Rep. Allen West (R-FL) and Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll. I don’t know much about Scott, but the other two have a very bad track record of lunacy and bigotry.

I’ve written a lot about Allen West, who is truly one of the craziest and dumbest men in Congress (and that’s a hell of a feat given the competition). He’s accused President Obama of trying to make people his slaves (apparently because food stamps are a form of slavery). He actually thinks early voting is unconstitutional. He claims that Congress is full of communists. And he says things that are so crazy — like claiming that the stock market was going up because investors were anticipating a Republican victory in November — that even Fox News hosts laugh at the idiocy.

And Jennifer Carroll, you might remember, is the woman who responded to accusations that she was having a lesbian affair by saying that women who look like her can’t be lesbians. That’s so idiotic and bigoted as to be mind-blowing.

Seriously, this is the best that Romney could find to help him reach out to black voters?

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