Sean Carroll: Servant of Satan

Sean Carroll: Servant of Satan September 23, 2012

A few years ago I had the good fortune to be speaking on a panel with Sean Carroll — the cosmologist, not the paleontologist — at a conference in Chicago. After being quoted in an MSNBC article, someone at the Catholic Answers Forum called him a “servant of Satan.” But here’s my favorite comment, from someone else in response:

Not to worry. The thing is, he’s looking from his own scientific perspective. He’s missing what’s going on in other parts of science that are actually providing very good evidence for afterlife, for non-local and non-temporal existence. For things that are – well – God stuff.

Quantum physics is quite close to explaining how the Eucharist works. We just have to not get all disappointed if some of the mystery is de-mysteriousized. Eternity as a state of being, as the main state of being ( this physical reality being a sort of fringe of the True Reality) is real. Sooner or later were were going to figure it out in a lot of ways we can understand. Miracles aren’t magic, they are hyper-quantum physics. Conciousness is not generated by or confined to the body.

Even Deepok Chopra would chuckle at that one, I think.

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