Farah Blames Suicide on Evolution

Farah Blames Suicide on Evolution September 28, 2012

Joseph Farah has yet another column full of contrived statistics and illogical explanations for those numbers. He begins by noting that “the American Journal of Public Health reported than more Americans now commit suicide than die in automobile accidents.”

Wow. How shocking. Is this because suicide is going up? Not really. The suicide rate in America has vacillated between 10.2 and 12.7 deaths per 100,000 since 1955. The latest numbers I could find are from 2009, the height of the recession, when the rate was 12.0. And most of the recent increase can actually be attributed to the high numbers of military members killing themselves after too many tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The number of deaths from auto accidents, on the other hand, has been going down for a long time. Since 1996, that rate has declined every year but two, both of them minor blips of less than 1%. Overall, the number of deaths by auto accident have dropped about 30% in the last 16 years. So the comparison he’s making is a statistical mirage. But he has an explanation for that mirage, and I’m sure you know what it is:

Judging from the latest statistics, more people are actively and willingly choosing the grave than life in a country in which liberty is waning…

I believe the trend reflects a deep and growing spiritual emptiness in a culture that is more depraved than ever before.

Too many people just don’t find any meaning in life…

We are told from the youngest age in state-run schools that human beings are merely the result of billions of years of evolution from lower life forms and random mutations. There is no Creator God who loves us and to whom we are accountable. There are no laws higher than those government imposes on us – no sin, no ultimate, objective moral code. In fact, human beings are a blight on the planet. It would be better off without us – or at least with a lot fewer of us polluting the air with carbon dioxide and overheating the earth…

Furthermore, prayer and Bible reading are prohibited, but explicit instructions on how to have promiscuous sex without consequences is mandated…

When government replaces God in the lives of people, their lives become empty. They become subjects of the state, rather than citizens endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights – among those being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….

Americans need to get right with God.

They need to find out what He requires of them – why He created them and how much He loves them. They need to be in genuine repentance for having turned away from Him and whored after other false gods and pursuits.

If Americans did this, they wouldn’t be taking their own lives in record numbers.

In other words, that fake statistical comparison is easily explained by all the things he was against anyway. And if we’d all just believe in God and creationism, it would all go away. Well, what else would he say?

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