William Murray Lies About Obama

William Murray Lies About Obama October 2, 2012

William Murray, who has spent most of his adult life capitalizing on the name of his mother, Madilyn Murray O’Hair, by peddling the “evil atheist turned Christian by the love of Jesus” story, and his Government Is Not God PAC have taken out a newspaper ad that PolitiFact rates as a pants on fire lie. You can see the ad here.

It’s just a long litany of things Obama will allegedly do in his second term, a list of imagined horribles that has little relationship to reality. Like this one:

“Barack Hussein Obama will move America to force doctors to assist homosexuals in buying surrogate babies.”

PolitiFact responds:

It’s one of those statements that’s so far outside reality, our experts wondered where to start.

William Murray, chairman of the political action committee that says it placed the ad in 19 papers in three states, said it predicted “what we believe Obama will do in a second term.”

But even predictions require some connection to the way the world works…

Volunteers for Murray’s Government Is Not God PAC put together support for the ad’s claims, which they sent to us. The evidence? That Obama supports adoption by same-sex couples and extended benefits to same-sex domestic partners of federal employees.

But that didn’t come close to proving the claim. The links don’t address: a) doctors b) surrogacy c) buying babies.

But that’s okay. Murray and his volunteers don’t really care whether it’s true or not, they only care whether it will adequately scare people. Truth is irrelevant, only the effect matters.

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