Another Republican Stimulus Hypocrite

Another Republican Stimulus Hypocrite October 9, 2012

ThinkProgress catches yet another Republican member of the House claiming credit for a project in their district that was funded by the stimulus bill that they voted against and even later tried to defund. This time it’s Rep. Rick Berg of North Dakota, who made a campaign stop at the grand opening of a new bridge paid for by funds he tried to kill:

However, Berg voted to strip funding for the bridge construction last year, nearly killing the entire project.

In just his second month after taking office, Berg and House Republicans voted to defund all stimulus money that had yet to be spent, including $14.13 million for Minot’s 55th Street bridge. The entire project was nearly scrapped after Berg’s vote put funding in jeopardy.

Lather, rinse, repeat with almost every Republican in Congress.

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