Black Wingnut: Obama Hurting Black Community Because ‘The Ghey!’

Black Wingnut: Obama Hurting Black Community Because ‘The Ghey!’ October 9, 2012

Patrick Wooden, a black wingnut minister who just loves to rant about those evil gay people, says that President Obama’s support for gay rights and equality is hurting black families, who have to explain to their kids why the president supports things they don’t like. And haven’t black people suffered enough already without that?

My position is African Americans are people also, we want the same things that all other Americans want, we are a part of this country, we have built this country, so we should be counted also and considered. Our families, our homes have been decimated, and with the things that have happened in our community, do we need to add to it a President where little black boys and little black girls are hearing this great man in the most powerful position in the land say ‘I believe same-sex marriage is the direction that the country ought to go in.’ Then that same little black boy or little black girl looks to the heroes in the black community at the local level which are the preachers and the community leaders and the NAACP leaders and then they see the leaders line up and follow this man. What kind of message are we sending our children? And we’re the most vulnerable.

You’re sending the same message to your children that white racists used to send to their children, that some other group is inherently bad, that God hates them and that they must be denied equality. You are turning the oppression your own people received on others, with all the same excuses.

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