A Friend Needs Help

A Friend Needs Help October 18, 2012

One of the best things that has happened as a result of launching Freethought Blogs, for me, has been getting to know Greta Christina better. She is simply one of my favorite people in the world — incredibly smart and magnificently human. I have come to simply adore her. And now she needs our help. She’s been diagnosed with cancer — a highly treatable form that should not put her life at risk, but one that is still going to seriously impact her income as she undergoes and recovers from surgery. I really hope this community will step up and help her out during this difficult time. And if you can’t help out, please help spread the word on Twitter, Facebook or wherever else you can tell people about it. Let’s step up and help one of our own — one of our best and brightest and most delightful — during her time of need. And thank you in advance.

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