D’Souza Mistress Opposes Women’s Suffrage

D’Souza Mistress Opposes Women’s Suffrage October 18, 2012

Wow, add Dinesh D’Souza’s mistress, Denise Odie Joseph II, to the list of women who think women’s suffrage was a bad idea. On her blog in January she wrote this really weird, rambling post that purports to be about hypocrisy but goes on about “RINO (Republican in Name Only) dads” and included this gem:

RINO Republicans are analogous to fathers who proudly proclaim their conservativeness at dinner parties or perhaps during early afternoon phone calls to El Rusbo’s show, but let their “independently-minded” wives (translation–women who get their marching orders from St. Oprah or more recently, The View ) pump their teenagers full of birth control and encourage their daughters to live the lives for which their bra-burning foremothers fought so valiantly. Indeed, this particular post was inspired by one such RINO Dad I know exceedingly well, at exactly one such dinner party, several years ago.

RINO Dads are those guys who will sheepishly to proudly, fill out Republican ballots on Election Day while their wives openly mark their support for things like, “freedom of choice” and “freedom from poverty.” What most people don’t realize, and indeed what I didn’t realize until I blocked out the “madding crowd,” is that these women and their RINO men are like a vast national living history museum, pictographically illustrating exactly why the 19th Amendment was never the best idea ever and in fact, more closely resembles the greatest show on Earth. Think Ringling Bros. If these modern families keep at it, museums telling the hieroglyphical tales of our civilization might be all that is left of us.

And to make it even funnier, this paragraph:

In addition to saying he would vote for Ron Paul should Paul become the party nominee, Rick Santorum has something else right. Santorum has been the only candidate to acknowledge, if not with terrible clarity, and if not to much avail, that the family unit is the cornerstone of American society. Santorum meekly hints that the horrific number of single-mom (pause to pay homage) headed households are, in some way, shape, or form, a symptom and cause of our crumbling economy. However, unlike Santorum who timidly proffers his thesis (unless I’m missing something) I would like to stand up and stick my figurative finger in the face of every RINO Politician and man and ask, “Whatever happened to good ole hypocrisy?!”

Perhaps you should ask your pro-family fiance.

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