Tea Partiers Tilt at Agenda 21 Windmills

Tea Partiers Tilt at Agenda 21 Windmills October 18, 2012

The Huffington Post looks at the obsession that the Tea Party and other far-right groups have with Agenda 21, the almost entirely meaningless, non-binding agreement among nations to aim for more sustainable development. Since it was signed by the first President Bush in 1992, it’s done virtually nothing. But to hear the wingnuts tell it: Be afraid, be very afraid!

Tea Party activist Judd Saul admits that he can sound a little unhinged when he gets talking about an issue close to his heart that most Americans have never heard of.

“Agenda 21 is an elusive enemy that floats in and chokes you gradually,” said Saul, of the Cedar Valley Tea Party in Cedar Falls, Iowa. “They want to destroy the middle-class way of life.”

“Agenda 21 aims to undermine your property rights and force you” to live in cities, Jake Robinson told Tea Party members at a meeting in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in April.

For Joe Dugan, leader of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party in South Carolina, “Agenda 21 is nothing short of treason.”…

Kim Simac, a member of the Northwoods Patriots in northern Wisconsin, believes a local sustainable development plan will shut down her horse-riding school because her business takes up more land than the plan allows for. Heather Gass says she has been fighting sustainable development plans in the San Francisco area that she says will include hefty road tolls and deliberately drive up gas prices “because they want to force us out of our cars.”

“It sounds crazy, but it’s true,” she added.

No, it sounds crazy because it is, in fact, crazy. But it’s the same crazy that we’ve heard from the paranoid right for decades. These were the same people who warned that Social Security and Medicare would make us into a communist country, complete with gulags. The same people who have for decades claimed that the UN was going to take over the country through this kind of entirely unenforceable agreement. Never mind that the American government treats the UN as it always has: When they agree with us, we speak grandly of the importance of international opinion and cooperation: and when it doesn’t, we tell them to go pound sand. And since we have veto power over every major decision, we can do whatever we want — and we do. If you really think the UN is going to take over America with its non-existent army, you need serious psychological help.

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