CWA Lies to Women

CWA Lies to Women October 19, 2012

Concerned Women for America has released a campaign ad that counters an ad put out by that features Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington talking about Romney’s promise to eliminate the right to have an abortion. Here’s the MoveOn ad:


And here’s CWA’s highly dishonest response:


Notice how they focus on the one entirely irrelevant aspect of the whole thing, the idea that Romney could unilaterally overturn Roe v Wade, which everyone knows is not possible. They completely ignore the real issue, which is that if Romney were to get a single nomination to the Supreme Court to replace one of the more liberal justices — a likely event given Justice Ginsburg’s age and health — then Roe would almost certainly be overturned. And they know this because, as Right Wing Watch points out, they’ve been promoting exactly that idea on their own website:

This ruling has major implications for the pro-life movement. First, it clearly mirrors the growing sentiments of a majority of Americans who are pro-life, especially our younger generation. Second, Alabama has set a clear precedent that more states are expected to emulate. Finally, as state laws continue to represent Americans’ growing pro-life attitude, the U.S. Supreme Court will be called upon to reconsider and, ultimately, repeal Roe.

The bottom line is that if the Republicans get one more nomination to the Supreme Court, Roe is gone. History.

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