AFA Announces Another Boycott

AFA Announces Another Boycott October 21, 2012

The American Family Association has announced yet another boycott, or perhaps a continuation of an already existing one, and the target this time is Home Depot because it set up a booth to promote itself at a gay pride event in Atlanta. And that just makes them hopping mad:

AFA staff confirmed Home Depot was at the event and took this photo (right). We saw no business purpose for the booth. They had a spinning wheel game and were giving out small toys and prizes in celebration of the homosexual event.

One of the main purposes of “gay” pride events is to push for the legalization of marriage between men who have unnatural sex acts with other men. Rather than remaining neutral on the issue, Home Depot has taken the side of grown men who parade in public places dressed as drag queens and “fairies.”…

Home Depot also promoted homosexuality in the military. Posted on the back of the Home Depot float was a huge sign promoting OutServe. OutServe is a national organization promoting homosexuality in the military, including forcing chaplains to conduct same-sex weddings on military bases.

AFA is promoting a boycott of Home Depot until it agrees to remain neutral in the homosexual culture war.

Yes, they must be neutral. And by neutral, they mean on their side. Because you know damn well that if Home Depot had a booth at an anti-gay event, that would be “neutral.” And if gay rights groups protested that, they would be showing their fascist tendencies. And if they started a boycott of the company, that would be “economic terrorism” according to the AFA’s own spokespeople.

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