FTB Party at Skepticon

FTB Party at Skepticon October 21, 2012

Skepticon 5 is coming up Nov. 9-11 in Springfield, MO and Freethought Blogs will be well represented again. A whole bunch of us will be there, including me, PZ, Jen McCreight, Matt Dillahunty and I think a few others as well. So like last year, we’re throwing a party at Farmer’s Gastropub on Saturday, the 10th.. We expect to be getting there about 8:30 and closing the place down. If it’s anything like last year, we’ll have a couple hundred heathens taking over the place and PZ will be passing around a mason jar full of moonshine. The manager told me they’ve already started to stock up on beer. We’d love it if you would join us. And if you know you’re going, leave a comment here.

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  • Brianne and I will both be there too. Just tell us which night we’re having the party. 🙂

  • TCC

    Yeah, which night will this be? Please tell me Saturday or Sunday – I’ll be getting to Springfield late that night and probably won’t be feeling up to going out, but I’d love to meet some FTBers, bloggers or commenters, while I’m there since the chances of me getting to any skeptic/atheist cons are slim.

  • Oops. On Saturday, the 10th. Guess that should have been included in the original post, eh?

  • gworroll


    I should see if I could get down there. I’m about 30 miles north in rural Buffalo.

    If I can’t afford to attend Skepticon proper(which is likely), would I be able to attend this event?

  • gworroll,

    Skepticon is free. There is no registration for the event, and I don’t imagine there’s any requirement to attend this gathering (FtB at the pub) aside from wanting to and showing up. So if you want to, you should. 🙂

  • gworroll

    Hmm. That might let me attend.

    Heading to Springfield a few times in a weekend would cost a fair bit on gas, but less so than getting a room down there.

    Might try to find alternate transport for this event though, so I can drink and not have to do anything like drink early and leave late, or take a nap, or any of that. No public transport comes out this way, but I might be able to talk my mom into giving me a ride.

  • eddarrell

    Would love to be there, would love the road trip. Things are tight for us unemployed Texas teachers, though.

  • Oh no, attendance at Skepticon is not required to show up to the restaurant (hell, we’d have no way of knowing anyway). If you’re in the area, please do stop by.

  • I will make plans for next year. I will be at Eschaton in Ottowa, however.

  • Kate Donovan

    I shall!

  • I’m all over this, obviously.

  • We have a Drinking Skepchickally meetup planned for the same night, same place, with all the Skepchicks who are going to Skepticon, so this is awesome. Wonder Twin powers activate!

    Rebecca, Amy, and Heina will be there (around 10, probably). Teen Skepchick writers Mindy, Elly, and (obviously, from her comment above) Kate are planning on it as well. I’ll be there (I work with TS as well as with Skepchick events).

    I’ll mention the FTB party in our Friday events posts. There’s also a Springfield Freethinkers Skeptics in the Pub on Friday night (Nov. 9) at the same place.

    The pub knows about all the events. They might need to build a beer pipeline from neighboring states.

  • BradC

    I’ll be there!!

    I’m planning to print out my trademark eyeball avatar and attach it to my name badge, just in case anyone recognizes me from that.

    Sad that I will miss meeting Greta, but excited to meet the rest of you!

  • I’m planning on being there, most definitely.