Weirdest Church/State Case Ever

Weirdest Church/State Case Ever October 21, 2012

One of the more bizarre church/state cases I’ve ever seen has been dismissed. The case was filed in a Texas court by a man named Charles Scott against the Wood County Commission, seeking to remove a sign that says “In God We Trust” in the commission’s chambers and prevent them from opening their meetings with prayer. But his argument is not at all what you might think:

Scott said he is a devout Christian. He said an elected official cannot honor both the United States Constitution and the Word of God. Scott said that is because the constitution allows for freedom of religion while God frowns upon worshipping anyone other than Him. Scott said the court’s oath to uphold the constitution contradicts scripture.

Well that’s different. But the plaintiff didn’t bother to show up for court earlier this week, prompting the judge to dismiss the case. But he has a perfectly good explanation for it:

KLTV asked Scott today why he did not show up for court. Scott said he was ready to go; however, “the Lord did not provide him with a means to get to court.” Scott said he does not have a means of transportation.

Must be a message from God.

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