Bob Larson Kicks Out a Gay Demon

Bob Larson Kicks Out a Gay Demon October 28, 2012

A few months ago I had a woman on my radio show who had grown up in the inner circle of Bob Larson, the endlessly ridiculous “exorcist” and hater of rock music. Here’s a hilarious video of him “exorcising” the demon of homosexuality from a man. Love the combover and the bad acting.


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  • Johnny Vector

    I thought you were going to say Love the combover, hate the comb.

  • Youtube has removed the video, apparently because it was either spam, a scam or had commercially deceptive content. 🙂

  • Michael Heath

    That version appears to have been removed, here’s a link that worked for me to what I think Ed was referencing:

  • matty1

    He is (or was?) selling a video called ‘How to beat the devil at his own game’. Does this mean he admits to being more evil than Satan?

  • dingojack

    So why was Bob shacking up with a Gay Demon in the first place?

    And what drove him to it? I bet it was an arguments over whether the toilet seat should be up or down?

    🙂 Dingo

  • No One

    Someone needs to do this to Mitt & Paul.

  • laurentweppe

    When I trie to watch the video, this is the message which appeared (in french):

    Cette vidéo a été détournée, car elle ne respecte pas les règles de YouTube concernant le spam, l’escroquerie et le détournement de clics.

    In other words God consider that Bob Larson is doing a con-job.

    Amen to that, Oh Almighty Lord of the Algorythms

  • “Bob Larson Kicks Out a Gay Demon”

    “Combover beats ‘Makeover;”?

  • Sastra

    I watched the video on the link Michael Heath provided at #3, and could only marvel at how easily people fall into a psychological ‘script.’ They know how a demon is supposed to sound and act and — probably unconsciously — assume the role.

    The poor man will now go for maybe two or three weeks “cured.” Then the demon comes back. Which proves that it WAS a demon, because that is what demons do. They come back.

  • Freodin

    It surely is a gay demon. No other type of demon would be so polite as to ensure he speaks into the microphone.

  • DaveL

    Exorcist: “Come out! Come out, in the name of Jesus!”

    Subject: “That’s how I ended up here in the first place!”

  • abear

    I used to listen to his radio show 20 or more years ago when his mojo was so strong he could exorcise demons on the air, over the telephone. In the good old days he didn’t need his teen exorcist backups or even to confront the demons face to face and the demons were frequently the very powerful kind, such as the ones that come from satanic heavy metal music.

    If that video is any indication, poor Bob is losing his spiritual warfare chops.

  • His latest venture, The Teenage Exorcists shows just how much of a creep he still is. Add exploitation to the his list of crimes.

  • sharonb

    All I can say is, “Lord, deliver me… from your ‘followers.'”

  • What the Gay Demon was really thinking:

    On Knees for Jesus? Awesome, sounds like a new gay bar.

    Where’s the dancing? The smoke machine? The Martha Wash hits? The oiled up boys in cages? There’s just a crowd full of zombies listening to some weirdo on stage. Look at the guys in here! Someone got bashed with the fugly stick. Would it kill them to hit the gym once in a while? Seriously considering turning straight after this. Worst gay bar ever.

    The exorcism begins

    “The judgement of God… for causing this man to commit abominations…”

    Abominations like wearing a felt vest over a long sleeved beige checked shirt. Girl, please, get with the times.

    Man: moans, groans

    Weirdest fetish ever. What is this sick place?

    Larson: I loose him.

    I ain’t loose. I’m no virgin, but those rumours are untrue.

  • Freodin

    #13His latest venture, The Teenage Exorcists shows just how much of a creep he still is. Add exploitation to the his list of crimes.

    Being the dirty old man that I am I wanted to write something like “Well, at least they are hot!” or something equally leecherous.

    But just look at this picture! The girl in the middle! The glowing eyes!! The hungry grin!!!

    Certainly she is possessed by a demon! (Or a crappy photographer.)