Corsi’s Latest Lunacy

Corsi’s Latest Lunacy October 29, 2012

Jerome Corsi has already proven, to the satisfaction of untold numbers of thinking-impaired people, that President Obama is a commie Muslim who was was in a same-sex marriage in college. But now he’s got his biggest “discovery” yet — Obama had plastic surgery to hide his “real” identity. And he has the pictures to, uh, “prove” it.

I’m not going to reproduce the images here because I don’t have permission to do so, but go look at them. He takes old black and white images of Obama, blown way up in most cases, and compares them to newer images. And he quotes a couple of apparent quacks, one of whom markets a “30 minute face lift” on TV, saying that they think he’s had a nosejob. And why would he do that? To hide the identity of his real father:

Gilbert suspects Obama had the surgery because he was “concerned he was looking too much like Frank Marshall Davis as he got older.”

“I don’t think it was a coincidence that Obama chose to undergo a rhinoplasty before running for U.S. Senate and facing the national spotlight,” Gilbert said. “If Obama was identified as Davis’ son, it would connect the Marxist dots of Obama’s entire life journey.”

Gilbert said Obama “needed the Kenyan father fairy tale to misdirect the public away from the fact that he is a red diaper baby, the child of a Communist Party USA propagandist and Soviet agent.”

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those pesky wingnuts. But wait…how do we choose among the opposite ways the right wingers try to explain the “real Obama”? Dinesh D’Souza says that the key to understanding Obama is to understand his real father, Barack Obama Sr., and his “anti-colonialist” views. But Gilbert says the key to understanding Obama is to understand his other real father, Frank Marshall Davis, who apparently passed communism to him in the womb. And I forget which one of them went back in time to plant the fake birth announcement. Oh wait, that was George Soros. Or Saul Alinsky. Damn, it’s hard to keep all this crazy bullshit straight.

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