Engle: God Wants Me to Vote For Romney

Engle: God Wants Me to Vote For Romney November 2, 2012

Lou Engle, one of the looniest voices in the Christian right and a man who considers himself a prophet, has written a really weird, meandering screed to explain why he thinks God is telling him to vote for Mitt Romney. It all involves dreams and his imaginary friend “speaking to his heart” and other such nonsense. But he starts with this absurd statement:

My clear and pointed statement has been that I cannot vote for anyone who by legal decree supports the shedding of innocent blood, believing such a vote would make me an accomplice to the act.

So that applies to those who start wars too, right? Because lots of innocent people die in every war. No? I didn’t think so. You only care about fetuses, not real people — especially if they’re dark-skinned people in another country. Fuck them. Somewhere in the middle of this rambling diatrie, he finally gets to this:

At about this time of crisis in my own thought processes, my closest friend (and a true prophet in my life) had a compelling dream concerning Romney’s viability as a candidate. In the dream, Romney was clearly favorable from a divine perspective. After this, the substance of my friend’s dream was immediately confirmed by another prophetic encounter from another well known prophetic voice.

Now hear me, this election is not about Romney being the great answer to America’s problems. Rather, these prophetic experiences seemed to indicate that Romney was a sort of window of mercy to America on several fronts, but chiefly the dividing of Jerusalem. The thought of protecting that ancient covenantal bond of God shifted my paradigm dramatically. I found myself having to peer into another biblical principle that I heretofore had not pondered with the same intensity as I had the life issue.

As I sought the Lord concerning these various biblical truths and prophetic words, it was as if a light began to shine into my heart. I sensed the Lord saying, Will you stand with Me in my covenantal faithfulness? Will you stand for my ancient covenant with My people? A deep abiding “yes” began to conquer my arguments…

With that said, I am declaring my best, personal understanding of the Lord ‘s heart in this hour: that in this election, America ‘s future is on dangerous ground, facing judgment not only over abortion and other key issues, but most definitely over the high possibility of breaking faith with God’s covenant with Jerusalem, the land of Israel, and His covenant people. President Obama has publicly called for the return of the land of Jerusalem and Israel to the pre-1967 boundaries. I can’t go there. I won’t. My heart had been opened to another great theme: The Life of the unborn has called me and God ‘s covenant to the Jewish people restrains me.

I am voting for Romney.

And his vote, based on such completely irrational grounds, counts the same as mine.

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  • The God can damned well tell me himself.

  • eric

    I cannot vote for anyone who by legal decree supports the shedding of innocent blood

    So, he can vote for Romney on a typical Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, but not on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

  • dingojack

    What, did god disendorse his own son as a write-in?


  • Alverant

    Funny how God’s wishes always seem to match up with the wishes of whoever is speaking for him at the moment.

  • greg1466

    Translation…It took a while, but I finally figured out how to twist some Bible story to support my predetermined position. I have to say that I find the most disturbing part of this the (claimed) fact that he and his friends are dreaming about Mitt Romney.

  • Quodlibet

    Romney was clearly favorable from a divine perspective.

    Well, then God is as stupid as the 40-something% of Americans who also prefer Romney.

  • vmanis1

    I assume that Mr Engle is dead-set [sic] on ending the death penalty, because so many innocent people have been executed? Riiight.

  • vmanis1

    Oh, and never forget my advice: Never attribute to God that which can be attributed to eating too much spicy food immediately before bedtime.

  • President Obama has publicly called for the return of the land of Jerusalem and Israel to the pre-1967 boundaries.

    Funny how the standard position for decades becomes bad once Obama is for it, eh? (And also Obama says “…the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.” [cite])

  • eric

    Btw, Engle lives in Missouri. Either God doesn’t get the concept of “swing state,” or Missouri is more of a toss-up than all the pundits believe.

  • dingojack

    greg1466 (#5) – A little like this, eh?

    🙂 Dingo

  • kagekiri

    Oh sweet, fig-abusing Jesus, thank you, Lou Engle!

    Your now-obvious insanity and absolute hypocrisy just makes me all the more glad that I’m no longer a fundamentalist subscribing to your BS “revelations” and “prophecy”.

    Even better, the utter shame that I used to respect you and your fellow right-wing nutjobs constantly helps me remember to question authorities and counter my own biases. I won’t be fooled again.

    Engle, you and your ilk help me stay devotedly deconverted and reinforce my commitment to atheism and secularism. Good job!

  • some bastard on the net

    Funnily enough, the LDS church supported the firing squad as an acceptable method of execution, and it was available for a long time after most other states scrapped it.

    I wonder if Lou knows that?

  • dingojack

    some bastard on the net – Ah, but if a person is gonna get shot by firing squad they musta done something wrong (even if it wasn’t the crime for which they’re going to get executed). [/fundie mindset]

    >:| Dingo

  • matty1

    What, did god disendorse his own son as a write-in?

    Look, I know he’s family and all but lets be honest Jesus is not the most stable of characters. Why do you think we won’t let him do this second coming gig he keeps on about? He just couldn’t handle it. I mean last time he was on Earth he spent half the time thinking he was me and the rest cursing random fig trees and herds of pigs.

    I blame myself really, I should have been there for him growing up but I couldn’t even bring myself to tell his mother I knocked her up and sent my friend Gabriel to do it for me.

    Anyway Little J as I like to call him isn’t going to the White House or anywhere else outside his nice padded bedroom until he calms down and starts taking the medication regularly. /God