Help Keep Skepticon Alive

Help Keep Skepticon Alive November 3, 2012

I just got word that Skepticon, which is scheduled for next weekend, is in danger of not happening. Through some sort of miscommunication, they just found out that the much larger venue they booked this year (last year’s was way too small for the number of people) is going to cost them a lot more than they thought. They need to do some emergency fundraising fast or they’re going to have to cancel the event. This is a free event, the only of its kind, but if every person who is going just gives $5, it will be enough to solve the problem. I’m going to donate at least $100, in addition to the table Freethought Blogs has purchased, but they need a lot more than that. So if you’re going, or if you just want to help keep this great event alive, I’m asking you to give a little bit. You can click on the link here to do so. It doesn’t have to be a big amount, just five or ten bucks will make a huge difference.

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  • TCC

    Ugh, I really don’t have much in the way of funds right now, but I want to contribute (and also, I want Skepticon to still happen). I’ll have to see what I can do.

  • Ed,

    I contributed $10. I hope you will consider this as payment for a bet I made with you for $10 at the start of the Obama administration that the Fairness Doctrine would be reinstated. I lost.

  • xmnr

    I can’t make it, but $10 is on its way to allow a couple of people who can make it to still go.

  • whheydt

    Those organizing Skepticon certainly have my sympathies (I help run an annual gaming convention), but one has to wonder…

    Didn’t anyone read the contract to see what their costs were going to be?

    FYI for those unfamiliar with hotel/convention contracts…the more room nights you book, the less you pay for convention space. The details of where the breaks are can be negotiated. There are both advantages and disadvantages to agreeing to a large room block initially.

  • anne mariehovgaard

    Donated a Norwegian-wage-adjusted sum 😉

  • FYI for those unfamiliar with hotel/convention contracts…the more room nights you book, the less you pay for convention space.

    The University Plaza hotel was fully booked months ago. I had to get a room at the Holiday Inn Express up the street, which I think has been fully booked for a while as well.

  • And thank you so, so much for donating, especially people who aren’t going but are still contributing. I’m better quite a few FtBers will be blogging (some of them live-tweeting) the event, and so will I. Assuming it happens.

  • neXus

    I threw in 10$, even though I can’t go…

    Hey – wait a minute!

    Since Skepticon doesn’t have a set venue now, any chance you could move it a state or two to the west? Then I could attend! 😛

  • dharleyman

    Ok, I donated. I kicked in $5 for every stupid joke I ever left in the comments. Actually, that’s not true, my jokes are pretty lame, but I rarely comment so it was much more that $5 per stupid joke.

  • gworroll

    I’m dead broke enough that donating would likely prevent me from going at all, and I’m less than an hours drive away.

    I hope it all works out, if it does happen I’ll see if I pull something out of my ass to throw in a few bucks towards next years at least.

  • Heddle-

    That’s a pretty awesome thing for you to do. Thank you very much.

  • I’m better quite a few FtBers will be blogging

    *sigh* Damn autocorrect fingers. I’m betting

  • Scott Simmons

    I was going to donate $5 for every stupid joke I ever left in the comments, but I checked back over my comment history, and all of my jokes were brilliant and hilarious. So I just sent a random sample of my disposable funds.

  • infraredeyes

    @gworrall: I can’t go so I’ll kick in $10 for you.

  • keith

    I am another who cannot go, but I am happy to kick in $5. I hope that enough people are able to come through to bail out the skeptic on crew.

  • lclane2

    I made a substantial contribution when I registered. Considering that we’re dealing with students who’ve worked hard to bring off the event and considering that I’ve greatly enjoyed the last two Skepticons I’ve just kicked in another $50.

  • theobroma

    @whheydt: in my experience (having organized meetings ranging from 100 people to 1500 people all over the world), the only thing you can count on with venue contracts is that you can’t count on any of them being the same. Having been in a similar situation myself in the past, I’ve thrown $50 their way to help out.

  • markr1957 (Patent Pending)

    I hope my bit helps. I have no idea where Skepticon is being held and I know I won’t be able to going – shit, I don’t even know what it’s for! I just want events like this to go on, and I’ll do whatever I can to help out.

  • thebookofdave

    Done. I gave them $10 that I probably can’t afford. I can’t attend either, but the clips and commentary of the event will be worth it.

  • maddog1129

    Do we know how the SOS went? Did they get close to raising enough?

  • procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now