Dobson Endorses Theocrat Moore in Alabama

Dobson Endorses Theocrat Moore in Alabama November 4, 2012

James Dobson is giving an enthusiastic endorsement to unabashed theocrat Roy Moore, who is once again running for his old seat on the Alabama Supreme Court. And I mean enthusiastic. He’s practically gushing about what a wonderful person and judge Moore is:

Moore, a Republican and former chief justice, on Monday announced the endorsement of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, a leading evangelical.

“I have known this man for many years and admire him for his integrity, wisdom and knowledge of the law,” Dobson said in the statement released by Moore’s campaign…

Dobson, now the host of “Family Talk,” said as a private individual, he “highly” recommends Moore with “enthusiasm and confidence.”

Bear in mind that this is a judge who has actually said in a court ruling involving a lesbian mother, when her sexual orientation wasn’t at issue at all in the case, that gays should be imprisoned or put to death because the Bible says so.

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