Joyner Passes On Lies About Obama

Joyner Passes On Lies About Obama November 6, 2012

Wingnut preacher Rick Joyner delivered one of those standard-issue anti-Obama screeds — I swear, there must be a Microsoft Word template they all use — that contains lies and repeatedly debunked myths about Obama, some of them cribbed from those idiotic forwarded emails we’ve all seen over and over again. Obama, you see, is merging Christianity and Islam:

I have also studied the Liberation Theology of the church where President Obama came out of, which he embraces and is considered a leader. There are aspects of it that are far more alarming, and its fruit is feeding what I believe is one of the greatest human evils, racism—not just un-American, but anti-American.

Some believe that the purpose of the Liberation Theology movement was to be a bridge between Christianity and Islam, which would lead Christians to Islam. I could not personally confirm that, but our President claims to be a Christian, yet the fruit of his practice and his policy has done more to hurt Christianity than any previous administration, and he’s done more to help Islam. Any thinking person should ask why would the Obama Administration give Muslims an exemption from the healthcare law, but use it to fundamentally attack the religious liberty of the Catholic Church, as well as other Christians who object to some of its basic tenets? These actions reveal core values, and they are deeply alarming.

Actually, any thinking person should learn how to use that newfangled Google thing and they’ll quickly find out that this claim about Obama giving Muslims exemptions from the health care reform law is a lie. In fact, the only groups that have received such exemptions are Christian:

Since we posted our article, we’ve obtained a list through the Freedom of Information Act of all the groups that have successfully applied for exemptions from payroll taxes. (We have posted the Excel file here.) The overwhelming majority of them are explicitly Anabaptist — that is, Mennonite, Amish or Hutterite. Those that don’t specify their denomination are still explicitly Christian. Having gone through the list, we can say with certainty that no Muslim group, and indeed no non-Christian group, has ever qualified for an exemption under the statute used to define exempt religious groups in the health care law.

So in fact, it’s only Christian groups getting exemptions. Cue the outrage, right? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

As an American, I was also very troubled when our President once responded to the question of why he did not wear an American pin on his lapel—he said he didn’t want to appear to take sides. If our President is not solidly resolved to be on our side, then we are in deep trouble. I am thankful to see the President now wearing an American flag lapel pin, but it does not mean as much when he wears it after such controversy.

Another lie, one that Snopes debunked years ago. But that’s a fact, something Joyner is clearly allergic to.

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