And Glenn Beck Weeps

And Glenn Beck Weeps November 8, 2012

Probably the thing I most looked forward to after the election was seeing how Glenn Beck reacted, after months of claiming that Romney was going to be elected because he was in direct communication with God, who wants him to win, and is just like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. He did not disappoint. This is from his live show on election night:


Then on Wednesday morning, he was weeping openly in the opening monologue of his show, saying he was just sitting there asking, “How did this happen? Why, dear God?” Oh, the drama! Then he told people that they should move out of the entire east side of the country and buy farmland and guns and pull their kids out of public schools.


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  • dingojack

    ‘I look at the world and I notice it’s still turning

    While Mr Bek gently weeps

    With every elec’ral mistake we must surely be learning

    Still Glenn Bek gently weeps…’

    [Sorry George]

    🙂 Dingo

  • raven

    Then he told people that they should move out of the entire east side of the country and buy farmland and guns and pull their kids out of public schools.

    Works for me.

    I’d toss in a lot of money if the wingnuts were serious about it. Or even better leaving the godless USA for the xian Gibbertarian paradise of ???

    Which doesn’t exist anywhere. The USA is the least commie of all first world nations.

    BTW, Glenn Beck shouldn’t forget the west coast which went strongly for Obama.

  • eric

    he was just sitting there asking, “How did this happen? Why, dear God?”

    How? More people voted for Obama than Romney. Overall, and in each of the political subdivisions that matter in our system. It was not a trick, or error, it really happened: more people voted for Obama than Romney.

    Why did it happen? You ignored data that did not agree with your preconceived conclusions. Feedback told you that people did not approve of many of your policy preferences. Had you listened, you could’ve changed some of those preferences and won over more moderates. But you preferred to think that the feedback was wrong.

    Conor Friesdorf’s comment (which I learned via PZ) hits it spot on: the GOP has “a self imposed information disadvantage.”

  • baal

    I had to stop the first clip @ “Europeanized Americans”. My tolerance for arguments from purity is limited (whole good and true god loving Americans emanate our exceptionalism…).

  • troll

    Dingo, it’s like you WANT my screen to be covered in coffee.

  • raven

    Romans 13 (New International Version)

    Submission to Governing Authorities

    13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

    The authorities that exist have been established by God.

    2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    According to the xian’s magic book, Obama was made president by god.

    Beck, like all fundie xians, is a hypocrite. I doubt he is going to be quoting Romans 13 ever.

  • I too wonder how it could be that nothing more than a nation of ‘sick people’ could defeat the will of god. Sigh. Must be the same god that was defeated by iron chariots.

    When my brother was in a Christian cult (from which he got away) they too were told to buy guns. But instead of farming they should learn to hunt deer, the implication being, I suppose, that after the ‘something bad that will happen’ they would have an endless unpopulated wilderness at their disposal.

    Maybe Beck is selling real estate in Utah.

  • hexidecima

    poor Beck. Didn’t he get the memo that Pat Robertson already knew who was goign to be president (January 2012) and golly, if this god exists, it was Obama all along.

    why did it happen? God hates you, Glenn.

  • Glen Beck’s God has spoken by means of the election.

    Why won’t Beck listen?

  • dingojack

    reverendrodney – one can almost imagine a Bek ancestor telling Joe Smith: ‘That big lake over there? Oh yes, it’s completely fresh – honest!’

    😉 Dingo

  • F

    Can’t he just weep himself into a dehydrated husk that will blow away in the wind?

  • glodson

    Beck’s next book: “Are you there God? It’s me, Glenn Beck.”

    It will be a lovely book about him coming to terms with the nonexistence of God and the dangers of listening to the voices in your head.

  • Crudely Wrott

    Some undergraduate psychology student should write their thesis using Beck as a stand out example of self-induced paranoia. A thorough examination and exposition could be both a key to career success and a boon to the discipline in general.

    Understanding fear is key to understanding ourselves. Its value in terms of enlightenment is second only to comedy.

    Dingojack is responsible for the above train of thought and has my undying gratitude.

  • No Light

    Apologies to the Big O.

    #Cry-yy-ing, over blue,

    Cry-y-ing, over blue,

    Mitt lost, now he’s gone,

    And Obama carries on,

    And Glenn Beck’s crying,

    Crying, crying, cryyying

    Oh-o-over blue…#

    Poor Eric Cartman Sr. Baby Beck. Whatever will he do now?

  • maudell

    David Barton was on the panel too… I wonder what he had to say. I wouldn’t be surprised if his political insight is as sophisticated as his historical knowledge.

  • “I doubt he is going to be quoting Romans 13 ever.”

    Not until we have a government led and/or dominated by Republicans. If that ever happens (may it be never) then, and only then, will it be a divine command to submit to government authority.

  • Alverant

    Beck needs to drop the idea that he’s a patriot. He talks about our freedoms then ignores them when someone dares to disagree. People voted, that’s how Obama won. It’s that simple. Since he hates the notion of people voting so much, he should go where God matters more than freedom, like Iran.

  • Doug Little

    People voted, that’s how Obama won

    Don’t you see? The wrong people voted.

    There is massive uptick in the need for more Waaaaaaaaaaabulances in the country today, and it is entertaining as hell.

  • eoraptor013

    Of all the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the whackaloons, O’Reilly’s excuse has me outraged. According to his loofa-ness, Mittens lost because over half the voters are lazy, non-americans, who want the government to give them things and stuff.

    My family literally came here on the Mayflower. Don’t tell me I’m not an American. Members of my family have fought in every single war the US has ever waged — some of them making that ultimate sacrifice. Don’t tell me I’m not an American. My picture is on file with the FBI because of my participation in the Civil Rights movement. Don’t tell me I’m not an American. In a good week, I work less than 60 hours as a keyboard-slave. Don’t tell me I’m lazy. I make more than the median income, but can’t afford to own a home or buy health insurance. Don’t tell me that I want “stuff.”

    You, and your ilk, Mr. Falafel, lost because America still works.

    Sorry for the rant, but I still want to punch his lights out.

  • Tualha

    You know … it’s all great fun watching these idiots rolling around like poisoning victims because they lost, but I have to wonder what happens once the right gets over the initial shock, and some of them (those with a better grasp of reality) realize that the demographic trends are against them, and that all their efforts at vote suppression failed to win the prize, and they’re going to keep on losing. I’m pretty sure some of them are going to go straight from soapbox to ammunition box. Hell, we’ve already seen some of that. And I think we’re going to see more. Because, really, what else can they do? They won’t admit they’re wrong or change their minds. They can’t move anywhere else, unless Texas secedes or something. The plutocrats don’t care, they’ll just buy islands or something, but what will Joe Redneck do?

  • No One

    Farm? Really? Glen that’s work. You don’t want any part of that shit… trust me.

  • eoraptor013 “Of all the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the whackaloons, O’Reilly’s excuse has me outraged. According to his loofa-ness, Mittens lost because over half the voters are lazy, non-americans, who want the government to give them things and stuff.”

    The bit I don’t get is if half the population is lazy, and they vote Democrat, wouldn’t that be to the motivated, and apparently hardworking, Republican’s advantage?

    No One “Farm? Really? Glen that’s work. You don’t want any part of that shit… trust me.”

    That’s not hard work for Americans. That’s what the Hispanics are for.

  • No One

    I want stuff! A free Dresage horse for every household!

  • tassilo

    I’d bet there are few farming communities, anywhere in the US, who’d be comfortable living with gun toting wing nuts from the East.

  • jollywahlstrom

    When they move, they better not use our socialist roads or the socialist controlled price on gasoline to get them there. I suggest a raft of logs.

  • Doug Little

    When they move, they better not use our socialist roads or the socialist controlled price on gasoline to get them there. I suggest a raft of logs.

    Or American made car. 🙂

    • eoraptor013

      If they have logs of sufficient size and number to float them all out, those logs almost certainly came from a National Forest. I’m just sayin.

  • Michael Heath

    Glen Beck is now competing directly with Alex Jones.

  • chrisdevries

    Oh the wonderful lament of the ridiculously self-deluded and/or pragmatic people who saw Mitt Romney as either the answer to the multifarious problems America faces in the 21st century (deluded) or the candidate who was most likely to use his power to increase their wealth (pragmatic)!!! Beck, and his ilk, have one major thing in common: they have an inordinate amount of fear. They fear change. They fear the people they try to manipulate into voting against their interests. If these people became more informed, if their base of angry, white males learned how to question the Fox News narrative, to think critically, there would be no future for the Tea Party wing of Republicanism. And then…the world would end in God’s wrath because a majority of Americans have become Muslim atheist communists…or some such bollocks.

    And oh boy! is their fear ever justified! There will always be authoritarian thinkers, people who would rather adhere to traditional “family values” than make their own choices (while demanding that all others should rightly do the same). This is the true problem, and people like Beck, Palin and Limbaugh will hold sway with a certain percentage of the American public (20-30%, depending on the study) until the cycle of authoritarian belief can be broken. But rationality is spreading like cleansing fire in a deadwood-choked temperate pinewood; secular values are affirmed by more and more people (look at all of the ballot initiatives this year and how they were decided…the United States looks more secular today than I ever dreamed possible in the Bush II years). Authoritarians are still numerous enough, and powerful enough, to find it easy to spread their message to the unquestioning masses without any major media company calling them on their bullshit. But their volume grows as their desperation increases, while fewer and fewer people are susceptible to their way of thinking. America is changing – it’s leaving them behind.

    Here in Canada, we have authoritarians too but they are generally pretty silent in all places except Alberta. Some of the propositions they accept on authority get mainstream dissemination, but lack of mainstream acceptance means that these beliefs are openly mocked and those who believe them are often way too embarrassed to admit to such insanity in public (except in Alberta, as noted above). I see this as the next step in the evolution of American society. If social conservatives and religious fundamentalists (the two main, overlapping authoritarian demographics) are too afraid of being ridiculed to publicly support anti-gay legislation, local schools with policies that contravene the separation of church and state, creationism, anti-womens’ rights campaigns, etc., the power that these people wield is greatly diminished. There may be states in which this transformation is already showing, but people like Trump, Limbaugh, Beck, Bachmann, Palin, Ron Paul, and a huge number of wealthy television evangelicals have managed to keep the ball rolling for authoritarians. The war is not won, but the writing is certainly on the wall.

    I revile these people, these self-deluded, power-hungry assholes who somehow manage to stay relevant to their legions of followers, most of whom have never learned how to question the “received wisdom” from their leaders. But for these people, America could be in a very different place today. The cure for their madness: the very social welfare state that they fight so hard to prevent. When people are treated more equitably, when they receive better educations, when they are protected from utter destitution by the government…they thrive.

    Education is the most important ingredient though…it is through education that we can strike the most grievous blow against authoritarianism. Teaching the children of today’s authoritarians how to evaluate ideas on their merit, rather than on their source will certainly not eradicate dogmatic adherence to authoritarian values and beliefs, but at some point the cycle will be broken in enough of the population that such values and beliefs will become publicly mock-able. At some point, no amount of volume will serve to further the goals of the wannabe-oligarchs, and they will have to retreat into their holes, sniping at passers-by while trying to ignore the laughter of a nation deluded-no-more. Such a time is long past-due. Obama is far from the ideal person to bring about such a society, but such change, I think, happens more effectively at a local level anyway. This election, many states took a major step away from authoritarian dogmatism and towards secular humanism through the ballot initiatives they passed or rejected. Even Florida rejected a patently illegal plan to give churches public money…victory is far from guaranteed, but things are moving in the right direction.

  • otrame

    The radio one about Washington and trying men’s souls? Oh my Thor. That. was. B O R I N G.