Ripping Off the White Sheet

Ripping Off the White Sheet November 8, 2012

Here’s a Tweet from some idiot that will make your blood boil:

But it’s okay, because she has apologized and takes “full action” for it.

To be fair, she does appear to be self-loathing:

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  • MikeMa

    Poor Britt D. I doubt she regrets the ‘error’ for any other reason than she personally got called on it. Ole Miss had 400 or so future Britt D types at a post Obama win hate-fest. There is still a huge reservoir of racial hatred in this country.

    I’m sure Britt D’s friends will console her. Maybe they can burn a cross on someones lawn to make her feel better.

  • Mr Ed

    Sad – when your greatest achievement is being born with light skin

  • No, that does not make my blood boil.

    I much prefer it when racists are honest, instead of trying to conceal their racism with the use of code words.

  • Sad: 219 favorites. But not surprising.

  • I have a strong suspicion that the sheet never actually hid anything.

  • blf

    Obviously a fake, probably planted by an atheist commie gay mooslin imported from Kenya to work as a FEMA retraining camp guard: The theebuggers have always said race isn’t an issue.

  • “For anything appropriate that was said” = “I have no clue what I said that was inappropriate, even though I used what is commonly considered the most offensive slur on the planet to describe the president. In other words, my IQ is on the level of a sea scallop and I probably need Family Circus cartoons explained to me. Oh, and I’m a fucking racist.”

    Sad: 219 favorites. But not surprising.

    FWIW, I “favorite” tweets because it saves them in their own column on Tweetdeck so that I can go back and refer to them later or read whatever links they contain that I find interesting but don’t have time for right now. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that all those people like what she said. But…yeah, probably a lot of them do.

  • Ellie

    The woman is obviously a racist, and to her detriment and shame, proud of it. I agree with Mr Ed @2. I should pity her, I suppose, but I’m just not that nice a person.

    However, too many of the responses I read on the ‘net were focused on her weight. Well, I’m fat, and I voted for Obama, and to those focusing on her size? Tomorrow, she (and I) could lose weight; some people could use a few truckloads of Preparation H and it wouldn’t do much good.

  • grizzle

    Oh bless her racist little heart!

  • imrryr

    @MikeMa – Ahem. Her name is Britt D! not Britt D.

  • loren

    One sad thing here is that given her handle and her appearance, she’s likely only 34. My age. Which means she would’ve been in high school in the mid-to-late 1990s, thirty years after desegregation.

    Some people grew up in a different era, and old habits die hard (not that that’s an excuse, just context). But BrittD and the Ole Miss students? What’s their excuse for not only being racist now, but for LEARNING to be racist when they did?

  • dingojack

    Ellie – So making fun of some-one’s weight is a no-no*; but making fun of some-one’s varices of the external anal sphincter** is fine. Nice to see we’ve got the moral high ground covered.

    😉 Dingo


    * I agree. Apart from the fact that one’s weight can change; there’s the fact that it’s totally irrelevant to her vile argument. It seems a shame that someone who may have suffered from bullying feels the need to project it onto others. Still, she seems perfectly happy to use vile derogatory terms about others, so I guess she can’t be surprised to treated in kind (despite it’s a total ad hom.).

    ** Aside from surgery there is little one can do about hemorrhoids except control them (using Prep H, amongst others). Ironically one of the risk factors in developing them is obesity.

  • ajb47

    Gretchen @7 – What did sea scallops ever do to you? (I have to focus on that because that tweet is just too stunning in its lack of humanity.)

  • It Britt D!, because she proud of the high grade she ever got. “Look, ma, I’s got a D!!! Look outs average here I’s comes.”

  • Tyrant al-Kalām

    Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party!

    Which means she would’ve been in high school in the mid-to-late 1990s, thirty years after desegregation.

    That is true. However, it doesn’t mean that there were ever any brown people in her HS. Or that she went to one.

  • Doug Little

    This is probably already been mentioned but she is going about it the wrong way, she should be trying to suppress the vote. By calling for everybody to vote you are playing right into the Democrats hands.

  • blf

    By calling for everybody to vote you are playing right into the Democrats hands.

    A wingnut’s definition of everybody excludes anyone who dares to even think about the possibility of considering maybe voting the wrong way. Such creatures are less than subhuman and therefore not only ineligible to vote, but should be deported and sent to FEMA camps.

  • Tyrant al-Kalām

    but should be deported and sent to FEMA camps.

    These people are a hairs breadth away from summoning the death panels, I tell you.

  • Trebuchet

    Yet another reason I avoid Twitter like the plague.

  • Britt D!, making sure the “twit” stays in “Twitter” after Mutt Romney fades away.