More Barton Lies

More Barton Lies November 9, 2012

I think it’s crystal clear that David Barton simply does not care whether any claim he makes is true as long as that claim supports his agenda. On his radio show last week, he just flat out lied about the Obama administration’s position on blasphemy laws and the United Nations.

lly interesting face-time with some members of Congress who have been briefed on all this stuff, as all the members of Congress have, and they were telling me stuff that I have not yet heard come out in the news.

I did not recognize that, I guess maybe a year ago in the UN, the United States signed on to a resolution in the UN joining with 57 Islamic governments, we signed on to a resolution to criminalize criticism of Islam, anti-blasphemy codes. We signed on to a resolution supporting anti-blasphemy codes. I hadn’t heard that in the news, I didn’t know that that was out there.

That’s because it’s a lie. Not only has the United States not signed on to that resolution, we have led the fight against it for years, under both Bush and Obama. In March, 2010, Eileen Donahoe, the US ambassador to the United Nations, argued strongly against the passage of a resolution that advocated outlawing the defamation of religion, saying:

“We cannot agree that prohibiting speech is the way to promote tolerance, because we continue to see the ‘defamation of religions’ concept used to justify censorship, criminalisation, and in some cases violent assaults and deaths of political, racial, and religious minorities around the world.”

And in fact, the Obama administration’s efforts to prevent such resolutions from passing has paid off. While many such resolution passed from 1999 to 2010, the margins had gotten smaller and smaller over time. And in late 2011, for the first time in a long time, the “defamation of religion” language was stripped from a similar resolution. And just last month, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the main sponsor of those resolutions, dropped their demand for that language because they could not get Western nations, including the United States, to back them.

In important but underreported news, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has abandoned its push for a global ban on blasphemy at the United Nations, according to the news outlet Reuters.

The 57-nation body wanted the General Assembly, which is currently in session, to take up a binding measure criminalizing speech critical of religion. But Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary general of the OIC, claims his outfit was unable to convince the United States or European countries to support such a proposal.

“We could not convince them,” Ihsanoglu said. “The European countries don’t vote with us, the United States doesn’t vote with us.”

Barton is just plain lying, as he almost always is.

"No, we suspected. Not the same as knowing."

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  • pacal

    The effort of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to get this resolution passed is clearly in the expectation that such laws would help to suppress speech deemed blasphemous against Islam. The fact that in Islamic countries speech which would be considered blasphemous by other faiths is routinely uttered against other faiths of course passes them by.

    The attempt to get a resolution passed whose clear intent by its proponents is to criminalize speech against their faith and no other has hopefully failed.

  • No One

    Assholes, liars, and control freaks. Dave Barton,Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu two “sides” of the same coin. When your ideas can’t stand on their own merit, either negate the dissent by re-writing history, or by killing the messenger.

    Because there are no other pressing issues to address. Lazy, small minded, cowardly assholes…

  • Apparently Barton is one of those “super-Christians” who have a special certificate of exemption from that inconvenient commandment forbidding false witness.