Religious Right Founder Endorses Voter Suppression

Religious Right Founder Endorses Voter Suppression November 10, 2012

Right Wing Watch dug up this old video of Paul Weyrich, the founding father of the religious right, bluntly saying that he wants fewer and fewer people to vote because the more people who vote, the less leverage the Christian right has. If you don’t know who Weyrich was, he was easily the most important figure in creating the religious right in this country. He co-founded nearly every major organization, including the Moral Majority, the Heritage Foundation, the Free Congress Foundation, and the Council for National Policy.


This video is from 1980, the year before the Republican party began its voter suppression efforts with its first voter caging scheme, in New Jersey. That resulted in a federal lawsuit and a consent decree that forbid them from engaging in voter caging, which they have violated repeatedly since then.

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  • “Surely he can’t still believe that up in his knocker.” I thinks to myself, “That talking up theyah is frum the way-back time.”

    So I looks him up, I does, on the Wall of Fickts, and on it is wroited, wroited clear as doy, that dear mister Weyrich went to his groiv (or close to it) an asshole.*

    * I have to assume that Thunderdome is on somewhere.