Wingnut: Planned Parenthood Just Like the KKK

Wingnut: Planned Parenthood Just Like the KKK November 10, 2012

One of the dumbest arguments offered by the “pro-life” crowd is the claim that because more black women have abortions than white women, it’s all a big racist scheme to kill black babies. It’s becoming more and more common in wingnut circles, often accompanied by ridiculous rhetoric like this:

Meanwhile, Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics tells OneNewsNow there is an especially important fact people need to know about Planned Parenthood and its real target.

“We’ve been the victims of a lie in this country that abortion was legalized in order to advance the cause of women’s rights. The reality is that abortion was legalized as an instrument of eugenics and black genocide, and Planned Parenthood continues that today,” Crutcher reports. “This is not something that happened 50 years ago or 100 years ago. This is happening as we speak.”

Black women make up 12 percent of the population, but reportedly have 37 percent of the abortions. And a Life Dynamics study proves Planned Parenthood clinics are overwhelmingly located in minority neighborhoods. So, Crutcher contends that for anyone who supports Planned Parenthood, “that is no different than supporting the Ku Klux Klan.”

“The only difference between the Klan and Planned Parenthood is that Planned Parenthood’s a lot slicker, a lot more polished,” he compares.

Right, that’s the only difference. Because I’m sure we all remember how the KKK set up health clinics all over the country and offered cancer screening, pap smears, pre-natal and post-natal care to underprivileged women who would otherwise not get it. And it couldn’t possibly be that more black women have abortions than white women because they’re much more likely to be poor and unable to support more children, and much less likely to have access to affordable birth control.

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  • They do both have alliterative names.

  • dingojack

    So it’s that damned Planned Parenthood that keeps hanging black people from trees for looking at the white wimmen, and burning crosses in black people’s front yards. gotcha.



  • The same white people who decry abortion as black genocide will then utter in the next breath, “Black people have way too many out of wedlock babies!”

  • jthompson

    I’m guessing the people this argument works on have never actually met a real live Klansman. Virtually every single one of them are anti-choice. It kind of goes hand in hand with being a right wing Christian organization in the US.

  • Stevarious, Public Health Problem

    Yeah, sure, because obviously it only ever occurs to women to get an abortion if there’s a clinic nearby.

  • laurentweppe

    Riiiight, and of course, behind closed dorrs, the very same people are going all “Oh no, The Niggers are outbreeding us” and opposing abortion precisely because they want to force the production of as many culture warrior as possible.

    The worst part is not that this argument is dumb: it’s that the Holier-than-Thou use it because they now it’s actually less heinous than their real motives. It’s bastards deliberately sounding like village idiots.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Wouldn’t you know it, I have a Planned Parenthood-sponsored cross burning on my schedule this evening!

  • No Light

    Yeah, sure, because obviously it only ever occurs to women to get an abortion if there’s a clinic nearby

    I think you’re underestimating just how suggestible we ladies are.

    Without guidance from men we’re liable to get most of the way through a pregnancy and see a pretty dress we want, or decide we’d love a beach holiday, and just decide to get rid of our swollen bellies.

    Seeing clinics everywhere is just putting thoughts in our silly. little heads!

  • Stevarious, Public Health Problem

    I think you’re underestimating just how suggestible we ladies are.

    Oh, right, I forgot how feeble your Ladybrainz™ are. All sad and pathetic and not like REAL TRUE MANLY MEN BRAINS™ like mine!

  • Ellie

    @5 Michelle Bachmann thinks so. “They’re focused on becoming big business,” Bachmann said on the House floor last week (back in 2011). “Sarah Stoesz, who heads the Planned Parenthood operation in my state of Minnesota, said she recently opened three express centers in wealthy Minnesota suburbs and shopping centers and malls and places where women are doing their grocery shopping, picking up Starbucks, living their daily lives and stopping off for an abortion.”

    I saved that quote, but not the source, and I can’t seem to find it, but I did find this which is close:

  • matty1

    You’re missing the most important difference. People who deal with Planned Parenthood choose to do so, victims of the KKK – less so.

    Even if we accepted the argument that the foetus is a person and doesn’t choose to be aborted then for the analogy to work there would have to be a history of black families arranging for their children to be lynched.

  • Tony–Queer Duck Overlord of The Bronze–


    I also think one should factor in the number of other *beneficial* services PP performs. It’s not like the KKK were inviting blacks over for tea time in addition to lynchings.

    The mental gymnastics necessary to equate Planned Parenthood with the Ku Klux Klan are astounding/horrifying.

  • Christoph Burschka

    Planned Parenthood Just Like the KKK

    Oh my god! The pointy-ghost costumes, the burning crosses, the distribution of free contraceptives and informational material… how could we have missed it!

  • yak2

    The right wingers know of which they speak, actually, as a KKKer named Glenn Miller ran for governor of NC back in 1984 and had a plank in his platform that abortions should only be illegal for white folks.

    Projection much?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    I used to work at a Planned Parenthood affiliate clinic.

    Lemme tell ya: all the exam tables were covered with white sheets!

  • Sastra

    I think this idiotic analogy is consistent with one of their overall strategies: find out what’s important to your enemy — and then claim that YOU are its real champion and THEY are against it. Co-opt their values and reframe the argument.

    Liberals are against bigotry? THEY are the ones being bigots. Liberals are in favor of science? THEY are the ones undermining science. Liberals don’t like religious fanaticism? THEY are the ones being religious fanatics. And so forth.

    It worked on the playground, once. Or seemed to.

  • dan4

    “And a Life Dynamics study proves Planned Parenthood are overwhelmingly located in minority neighborhoods.”

    A study definitely to be trusted, since it comes from such an objective, non-biased source (rolls eyes).

  • zmidponk

    Black women make up 12 percent of the population, but reportedly have 37 percent of the abortions. And a Life Dynamics study proves Planned Parenthood clinics are overwhelmingly located in minority neighborhoods.

    You know, in a similar vein, neighbourhoods that have a lot of fires tend to have fire engines going through them much more frequently. On that basis, I think we need to defund fire departments and campaign to ban fire engines, because they are obviously the cause of all those fires.

  • imst

    This is a good point. Without enough black babies born, who will the right put in prison for minor drug offences and who will they disenfranchise on election day? Think of the job losses!

  • DaveL

    Because there’s no racism in the idea that women of color aren’t competent to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive health care, and need white intervention to make sure they don’t make the wrong choice. No racism at all.

  • joachim

    Abortions kill more future minority members than whites.

    And more girls than boys.

  • divalent

    FYI, I first heard this argument from Dick Gregory back in the early 1970’s: abortion = black “genocide” (that was the word he used).

    So it is not a new argument, and not one that was initially proposed by some white folks cynically feigning concern over black babies.

  • dan4

    @21 “Abortions kill more future minority members than whites.”

    You need to read the last sentence of Ed’s post again.

    “And more girls than boys.”

    Not surprising, since the female population is larger than the male population…a fact which would obviously be “matched” by pregnancy rates.

  • @23: actually, no. The female population is only larger because women live longer. Even without sex-selective abortion, male births are slightly more likely.

  • sunsangnim
  • dan4

    @24: I stand corrected.

  • raven42

    If it was aimed at “genocide,” they’d have been doing a very poor job of it, considering the black population has grown at a pretty normal rate with time, and there are currently about 42 million black people in the U.S.

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  • gratch

    Just to play Devil’s Advocate, while it’s true the KKK never set up health clinics, it they DID start offering pap smears they probably wouldn’t get many takers.

  • dingojack

    or breast examinations for that matter.


  • bradleybetts

    The “Pro-life” movement in the US is overwhelmingly White Protestant, particularly Evangelical, right?

    And the KKK is entirely White Protestant.

    Methinks the two organisations may have more in common than Mr. Krutcher would like to let on…