Inhofe’s Paranoid Delusions

Inhofe’s Paranoid Delusions November 11, 2012

James Inhofe may be the single craziest man in the U.S. Senate and he shows why with this fact-free diatribe about Obama’s “November surprise,” purported to be the unleashing of “massive regulation” that will continue his pattern of destroying everything that Inhofe holds dear.

Inhofe told WND’s Greg Corombos people from his state constantly tell him they feel targeted by government regulations, and he used energy as a prime example.

“They have this war on fossil fuels,” Inhofe said. “He’s doing everything to kill domestic production of oil, natural gas and coal. This is something that is just un-American.”

Yes, he’s done so much to kill it that domestic production of oil and natural gas is at an all-time high. Killing the industry: He’s doing it wrong.

Inhofe said the track record is similar on defense.

“In his first budget, he destroyed our only fifth generation fighter (the F-22), he destroyed our lift capacity (the C-17), he destroyed our future combat system, he destroyed our Poland operation to stop missiles from coming from Iran to the United States,” he said.

Uh, what? Poland operation to stop missiles from Iran to the U.S.? Iran doesn’t even have missiles that could reach Poland, much less America. They can barely reach the Mediterranean with their most up-to-date technology (and their test of those missiles didn’t go too well a few months ago). And the F-22 was a major boondoggle, with cost overruns, serious mechanical problems (like depriving the pilots of oxygen) and the highest accident rate of any aircraft in the fleet. But we still have 187 of them; nothing was “destroyed.”

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  • Maybe he meant Russia… they always get all of them atheist muslim commies mixed up.

  • steve84

    The Air Force has all the C-17s it wants. For the past couple of years politicians have been adding plane purchases to the budget that the military explicitly didn’t want.

    What he is referring to is shutting down the production lines with the end of orders. What happened to the free market all of a sudden? Isn’t keeping companies afloat with artificial government contracts socialism?

  • StevoR

    Was Inhofe up for election? If so how’d he get re-elected, if not why not and when will he face the voters and hopefully getting kicked out?

    Inhofe’s other idiocies include being a very prominent climate change Denier and claiming to be proud his family has never included gays. He says it like he actually even believes it.

  • Larry

    If so how’d he get re-elected

    Its Oklahoma.

    ’nuff said.

  • steve84

    Inhofe is also connected to C-Street aka The Family. For them he conducted many government-paid missionary trips to Uganda where he has close connections to the people who came up with the Kill-The-Gays bill

  • dogmeat

    Was Inhofe up for election? If so how’d he get re-elected, if not why not and when will he face the voters and hopefully getting kicked out?

    Inhofe was reelected in ’08. To give you an idea, McCain won 66% of the vote that year in Oklahoma, Inhofe won with 56%. Even the wing-nuts think he’s a wing-nut. He’ll be up for reelection in ’14, odds are good he’ll run, and be reelected. There aren’t that many liberals and moderates in OK to begin with, mid-term elections usually involve a highly motivated opposition party and lower turnout for the party in power (see ’10, ’06, etc.). If he chooses to run we’re likely to be graced with his presence for another 6 years.

    Of course he is 78, so he might choose not to run, or nature might takes its course, but I wouldn’t expect OK to send someone sane, they’re going for the wing-nut record and, facing a rather strong push by upstart Arizona, they’re determined to win.

  • iknklast

    “Its Oklahoma.”

    When I was living in Oklahoma, Inhofe didn’t even bother to campaign. He didn’t need to. His opponent would put up campaign signs, and then all the voters would go in and mark straight republican, or just look for the R by their names, because…liberals otherwise.

    Inhofe has been one of the worst in the Senate on global warming; he even visited one of the treaty summits to deliver a global warming denial screed, which only a few reporters attended (partially because he is apparently unaware of time zones, and didn’t time it well).

    As for Obama being regulation mad, Obama said he wants to reduce air quality and water quality regulations to remove burdens on business (never mind that the “best science” which he vowed to follow shows that these regulations aren’t strict enough to protect the health of the American people or the environment). Inhofe is living in la-la land. Unfortunately, otherwise sane people like my father are living there with him, believe everything he says (I can’t figure out if my father is racist or not, since he automatically assumes any Democrat is somewhere to the left of Karl Marx), and they keep electing this idiot to office.

    And my new state of Nebraska just sent him a friend. We replaced our blue-dog Democrat senator with a tea party faithful, Deb Fischer.

  • MikeMa

    The only thing destroyed was Inhofe’s brain from sniffing too many petroleum products. Self powered delusions.

  • Michael Heath

    Even committed Democrats know politicians within the party often demostrate an inherent weakness of failing to go for the jugular when that’s the exploitable opportunity. When it comes to Sen. Inhofe, you’d think the Democratic challenger would point to Sen. Inhofe’s denialism of climate change and the drought under which Oklahoma suffers from and asks voters if they really want more of the same.

    The Democrat could frame this debate as their being the realistic parent in the room looking out for OK’s interests, even if it means confronting painful realities. While Sen. Inhofe remains the slow-witted spoiled brat who typifies how OK got into the mess they’re in.

  • mobius

    This voter from OK hangs his head in shame.

  • dogmeat


    I agree, there are a lot of points of direct evidence that opponents of Inhofe could point to as detrimental to the people how OK. Climate = recent droughts a rather obvious one.

    Unfortunately, from the evidence I see here in AZ, the state parties seem almost resigned to losing Senate races. They put up solid candidates for house seats, but the senate races have been pathetic here in AZ. Kyl was a terrible candidate, the Dem’s didn’t bother to put a penny in his race until September in ’06. McCain was looking very week in ’10, another weak candidate (but better than Carmona this year). In ’12? I didn’t even hear who the candidate was until September. I went and looked him up, and knew who he was, but the average voter didn’t hear much about him until right before the election.

    Looking at some of the senate candidates in OK, TX, etc., they seem to be lacking actual ability. When you have weak candidates who run weak campaigns, weak arguments seem to be par for the course.

  • dogmeat

    <blockquotedetrimental to the people how OK

    Ummm, people of OK. Not sure where “how” came from…

  • MikeMa


    Not your day for edits:)

  • And Obama gave all those soldiers PTSD. So much that it made them all gay for each other. I know!

  • dogmeat

    Not your day for edits:)

    Shhhhh, my keyboard it beside itself… ;o)

  • schweinhundt

    Partisan diatribes (of whatever party) often are not bounded by reality. However, thinking that WND, Infowars, etc. are appropriated channels for your message is crazy and stupid. If key GOP players keep thinking that inconvenient facts are “skewed,” they will lose more and more.

  • chilidog99

    $10.00 says that Inhofe gets together with some wacked out congressman (or congresswoman) and tries to stop the electoral college vote in January.

  • StevoR

    @6.dogmeat : Okay, cheers for informing me of that rather depressing news.

    Wonder if reality will mug the guy before then and force even the worst of deniers to accept Global Overheating? What it may take for that to happen is even more depressing a thought really.

    @5.steve84 :

    Inhofe is also connected to C-Street aka The Family. For them he conducted many government-paid missionary trips to Uganda where he has close connections to the people who came up with the Kill-The-Gays bill.

    Surely that’s gotta breech some US law in turns of inciting hatred and violence? Surely? No? I didn’t think I could think worse of Inhofe – but now I do.

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    To my (fairly deep) knowledge, and despite the competition rising to levels unheard of even in the fabled history of stupid imbeciles of the American Congress, Inhofe truly is the dumbest human being now holding national office.

    He is one of the few people even dumber than the people who voted him in, repeatedly, as contradictory as that sounds.

    He is dumber than the dumbest jackass.

    In comparing his stupidity with the proverbial “bag of hammers,” a bag filled with either one or an infinite number of said hammers would prove smarter.

    One day his minder, ah, “secretary,” is bound to become distracted long enough for him to drown on his own saliva.

    “Republicans” are all, now, stupid, ignorant, insane and/or evil, but Inhofe shows that sheer, pure stupidity can actually also function as ignorance, insanity AND evil.

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    All I know of Oklahoma politics is Steve Largent. Sucks that he ruined my memories of his velcro fingers with becoming a neanderthal conservative.

  • “Yes, he’s done so much to kill it that domestic production of oil and natural gas is at an all-time high.”

    Just to pick a nit, petroleum production is not at an all-time high. (I honestly don’t know about gas.) It is probably at a 1 or maybe 2 decade high. It’s upticked a bit, but it’s still nowhere close to where it was when it peaked in the 1970s, and it never will be.

    Either way, the fact remains that there’s no reason to believe that Obama has significantly constrained oil production, and more importantly, no reason to believe that increased oil production would solve a single problem facing this country. Except for the problem of oil companies not having enough money.

  • Crudely Wrott

    Hoo, boy! This knucklehead actually said:

    he destroyed our lift capacity (the C-17)

    Jimmie, me boy, I lived next door to Wright Patterson AFB from 2002 until summer last year. Not a single day went by without hearing the whistling signature of the turbofans of C-17s taking off from or returning to WPAFB. Wright Patt has been one of (just one of!) the major staging bases for supply and troop transport to support war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan since the Air Force started to phase out the C-5s. They also, on their return flights, stop in Delaware to unload our fallen brothers and sisters.

    The annual Vectren Dayton Airshow to this day features demonstrations of the C-17’s capabilities and capacities as one of its main events. Their performances awe, amaze and delight the crowds as much as the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds do.

    C-17 production continues apace and military contracts for future deliveries, parts, support, modification and updates continue as I type and are guaranteed to last longer than any tenure that you may enjoy.

    Jimmy, you know not whereof you speak. You should probably start practicing being quiet and unobtrusive. Chance are that you’ll lose fewer friends that way.

  • MikeMa


    I live near Dover an drive by the airbase on the way to the beach. Those heavy lift aircraft are as awesome on the ground as they are in the air. Remarkable planes.

  • dingojack

    Crudely Wrott, MikeMa – Ever see them do this?

    They must be a blast on the 4th of July.

    🙂 Dingo

  • Crudely Wrott

    @ 24, Dingojack,

    No, I haven’t seen it in person but I have seen a C-17 on approach at over 40 degrees, land, roll out 1500 feet and then start backing up!

    These exceptional aircraft likely have a future as long as our B- 52s, being flown by pilots less than half the age of the aircraft one day. Both are superior airframes, strong, upgradeable, and capable of extraordinary performance. Plus, they just look so damned good in the air.

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  • slc1

    Re area man @ #21

    Natural gas production is not only at an all time high but there is a surplus for which storage space has been exhausted. New conventional discoveries in addition to fracking technology are the reason. In fact, what we should be doing is encouraging the replacement of coal electricity production with natural gas which is now not only economically competitive but also more environmentally friendly, particularly relative to climate change.