Study: Children of Lesbian Parents Do Fine

Study: Children of Lesbian Parents Do Fine November 12, 2012

Here’s how you do a real study on gay parenting. You take a good sized sample of actual families headed by gay couples (all women, in this case) and you follow them over a long period of time to see how they do. And one such longitudinal study has confirmed what many other previous studies have found, which is that their kids do just fine.

A new study involving 78 children of lesbian parents hopes to quash fears about homosexual parenting after finding that all participants are doing better in school and are happier than many of their peers.

According to the report from the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, the teens surveyed have GPAs in the A- to B+ range, have numerous close friends who are predominantly heterosexual and consider their parents as shining role models…

The 17-year-olds questioned at this stage consisted of 38 boys and 38 girls.

Nearly all of them are planning to go to college after high school and all boasted strong family bonds with an open-minded attitude to life thanks to their non-traditional family situations.

Now contrast this with that absurd Regnerus study a few months ago, which considered the child of any person who had ever had a gay relationship at all, whether the child lived with them or not, whether they came from a broken home or not, and classified them all as gay families, then compared them to children from stable homes with married parents. And this is another reason why we should recognize and protect same-sex marriages, because they are good for children in exactly the same ways that intact families headed by straight couples are.

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