WND: 20 States Want to Secede!

WND: 20 States Want to Secede! November 14, 2012

Sometimes people ask me how I can stand to read the Worldnutdaily every day. The answer is that I find it hilarious. I find it really funny to watch them pretend, quite badly, to be real journalists when they aren’t even third-rate polemicists. Here’s a perfect example. Drew Zahn, a former pastor turned “journalist,” has an article with this amusing headline:


Movement started day after election spreading like wildfire

May states want to secede? Really? Well, no. A few thousand people in 20 states have started petitions to ask Obama to let them secede.

Since WND first reported that residents in the state of Louisiana were petitioning to secede from the U.S., residents in over 20 more states have filed requests with the White House to peaceably break from the union.

Furthermore, the Louisiana petition has topped 14,000 signatures, more than halfway to the threshold needed after which the White House has pledged to respond.

And for Texas, one of the new states to join the fray, the signature count now tops 25,000.

The White House’s We the People website explains that once a petition reaches 25,000 signatures, it will be placed on a queue for response from the administration. The website also maintains a page for previous petitions that have received a White House response.

Joining Louisiana now are Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Michigan, New York, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey, North Dakota, Montana, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Texas.

Wow, you mean a small group of wingnuts and lunatics in those states want to secede and they’ve asked the White House to offer a perfunctory and meaningless response like they have to every other petition that has been filed on that site over the last 3 years? How incredibly uninteresting and irrelevant. It’s not journalism, it’s the Worldnutdaily.

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