Farah Wants Secession Too

Farah Wants Secession Too November 16, 2012

Joseph Farah is so upset over Obama’s reelection that he is now openly calling for secession, saying that good Christian nutballs like him should “declare our separation and independence once again, just as our courageous founders did 236 years ago.”

In short, as I have written before, America is flirting with profound judgment. If those of us who disapprove of the same-sex marriage, abortion, tyranny, collectivism, the coerced subversion of religious freedom and forced taxpayer support for the spreading of ungodly, unbiblical values and laws want to avoid that coming judgment, it’s time to separate ourselves wholly from participation…

America is a big country that is thoroughly permeated with this treasonous, immoral, adulterous lifestyle.

But I am convinced we’ve got to begin forming new communities of the faithful and declare our separation and independence once again, just as our courageous founders did 236 years ago. Like them, we need to be prepared to defend ourselves, our families, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Barring a miracle, I don’t believe reconciliation with those who have gone awhoring is a possibility. I’m sorry, I just don’t have much in common with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and George Soros and Bruce Springsteen (even though we are both from New Jersey) and George Clooney and these other looneys.

Barack Obama was right about one thing: Whatever it once was, America is no longer a Christian nation. Our cultural institutions have been taken over by worshippers of other gods. Government at nearly every level has embraced a worldview that denies God. And now it’s clear that more than half the population has turned its back on God and His Commandments.

You’re right, Joe. You should leave immediately. You might want to try Saudi Arabia, they love theocracy there.

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