Dean Chambers Rewrites his Rewrite

Dean Chambers Rewrites his Rewrite November 21, 2012

If you thought Dean Chambers’ total humiliation after months of claiming that the polls, if “unskewed,” were predicting a massive landslide electoral victory for Mitt Romney, was just going to admit he was wrong and slink away into the dustbin of right wing history, think again. He’s back for another round of public humiliation — and another hideously ugly website — by claiming Obama stole the election through voter fraud. Meet

The “evidence” he offers is downright laughable. In Ohio, for example, the only “evidence” he gives is that 9 precincts in Cleveland did not have a single vote for Romney. Which precincts? The ones in the inner city, of course, where the population is predominately black. Obama got about 95% of the black votes, which is not surprising as the Democrats typically get over 90% anyway. And the fact that 9 precincts showed Romney not getting any votes is proof, in the mind of a man who convinced himself that Romney was going to win in a rout — that Obama must have stolen the election. Wow, how convincing.

He offers exactly the same “evidence” for voter fraud in Pennsylvania, noting only that Obama had a huge lead in Philadelphia and claiming, without evidence, that “Democrats are known for years for stuffing the ballot boxes in the city of Philadelphia.”

In Virginia, his “evidence” is that Romney was leading for most of the night as the votes were counted until Obama caught up at the end. Wow, that’s such powerful proof. Or it would be if the cities, which have the most votes to count, weren’t the last to report their totals. And Democrats always do much better in big cities than they do in rural areas. He lists the biggest cities and the counties right around Washington, DC, which always go heavily Democratic, and then says, again with no evidence at all:

Like many states, most of the state’s counties, which are smaller in population, voted for Romney while the few more densely populated urban areas of the state, and the suburbs of Washington DC which are heavily populated with federal government employees, voted heavily for Obama in those eight areas listed above.

Those eight areas are the ones where vote fraud was most likely and they will be the focus of efforts to find any reports and evidence of vote fraud in the state.

The only evidence of fraud in Virginia up to this point has been the Republican party throwing out voter registration forms of Democratic voters. He offers exactly the same “evidence” in Florida, of course, merely claiming that because Obama won by big margins in the Democratic-leaning big cities, they must have “stuffed the ballot box.”

Seriously, this guy is just ducking into the punch and making himself look like an even bigger buffoon than he already did.

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