Swanson's Bizarre Views on Government and Morality

Swanson's Bizarre Views on Government and Morality November 22, 2012

Pastor Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio typically delivers incoherent screeds about nearly every political issue, but this one is especially weird. Listen as he explains how getting the government out of our private lives somehow leads to big government:

Democrats in general—in general—are for anything that’s immoral and anything that involves more government. As it turns out occasionally you have to strip back a little more government control in order for people to become more immoral. You follow me there? I mean if you’re a Democrat, you’re going to have to strip back a little control of things like marijuana and homosexuality in order to maximize the immorality of the people. But in the process, what do you do with the size of government, Dave you’re a good Democrat. In the process what are you doing with the size of government? You’re growing and growing and growing and growing it. So the idea, friends, is to make sure everybody is committing homosexual acts and they’re high on drugs, and then they vote for Democrats to increase the size of government and provide pretend security for the people high on drugs. That’s the Democratic vision in a nutshell…somebody write that down I think that’s worth putting on a poster somewhere. That’s what Democrats do and they do it well.

Okay, let me get this straight. Reducing the ability of government to put millions of Americans into the criminal justice system at the cost of billions and billions of dollars every year by decriminalizing marijuana is all part of a plot to grow the size of government. And preventing Christians from using the power of the government to throw gay people in jail is all part of a big government agenda. Sure, that makes sense.

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