God Was Her Co-Pilot

God Was Her Co-Pilot November 27, 2012

We’ve all seen those bumper stickers that say “God is my co-pilot,” but this woman from Florida seems to have taken that a bit too seriously. After being pulled over and arrested for driving 100 mph while blowing her horn, she told the police that she was only doing what God commanded her to do:

A motorist who was blowing her horn and going 100 mph in a 30-mph zone on U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce at 1 a.m. Tuesday told officers God told her to do it.

Regardless, Melissa Miller, 41, of Port St. Lucie, was arrested on charges of reckless driving and speeding…

After she was stopped, an officer quoted her as saying she was speeding “because I was letting the Lord spirit guide me,” according to a police report. She attributed her lengthy horn blowing to “the Lord telling me to do it.”

Pretty stupid. On the other hand, that’s a god I could actually believe in — a god that just messes with people and tells them to do crazy shit. That’s probably what I would be like if I were God.

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