Obama’s Secret Plan for a Third Term

Obama’s Secret Plan for a Third Term December 3, 2012

One of the things that makes it so endlessly (and simultaneously) amusing and annoying to follow right wing rhetoric is how it can be both repetitive and contradictory. Here’s an example that shows both in all their glory. Before the election we heard several predictions from the right, some of them about the election itself and some of them about what would happen after the election.

We heard many wingnuts claim that Obama was going to cancel the election and impose martial law in order to extend his time in office and turn himself into a de facto dictator. Didn’t happen, of course. And we heard predictions of doom if he was reelected, how his socialist ideas would destroy the American economy and turn us into a virtual third world country. So now comes Frank Porter Stansberry, founder of Stansberry and Associates, an investment firm for the wingnut set that is always making bizarre claims.

He’s now looking forward to the 2016 election, which he says will be won by Obama despite the 22nd Amendment’s prohibition on a president serving more than two terms because of mystical “forces” backing Obama that will unleash an economic boom the likes of which we’ve never seen, allowing him to ride a huge wave of popularity to a third term. Mother Jones has copies of two different emails sent out to everyone on the mailing lists of conservative sites Townhall, Newsmax and Human Events, all telling them to click a link and view this slideshow explaining the whole thing. It’s rather amusing to watch.

Stansberry says those forces will create an economic boom that will make millions of Americans much wealthier and improve the standard of living for everyone in the country. Great news, right? Nope. Because it will “make an idol” of President Obama and allow him to “redraw the rules that govern the presidency” to seek “unlimited power” and become “a tyrant unlike any other in American history.”

Sadly, I can only get Herman Cain advisers to bet me on crazy predictions like this. I’d love to make a huge bet with Stansberry on whether this happens. Like every other dystopic prediction from the right wing, it isn’t going to happen. And like every other failed prediction, it will do nothing at all to stanch the flow of even more failed predictions. Being a wingnut is never having to admit you’re wrong even when you’re almost never right.

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