Reversion Therapists Lie on TV

Reversion Therapists Lie on TV December 3, 2012

Warren Throckmorton watched a couple of prominent advocates of gay reversion/reparation therapy go on TV with Dr. Oz and lie about what that therapy entails and what their views are on homosexuality. They’re trying to portray these “pray away the gay” ideas as kind and loving, not hateful and destructive.

For example, they denied that this kind of therapy tells gay people that there’s something wrong with them. As Throckmorton points out, as the 2:45 point of this video clip, a gay rights activist says, correctly, that reversion therapy inherently implies that there’s something wrong with gay people that they have to fix to be healthy and “normal.” Julie Hamilton, a proponent of that therapy, says she agrees and then says:

Reparative therapy does not tell children that there is something wrong with them.

But her writings are full of such proclamations, saying that men are turned gay because they don’t have a close relationship with their fathers and such. And she has edited a book on such therapy that includes statements like this, from anti-gay bigot Joseph Nicolosi:

The homosexually oriented man typically carries a deep sense of shame for his strivings to make a connection with the masculine. On some level, he believes he is defective, insignificant, and depleted in his masculinity. Homosexual acting-out seems to promise reparation of those negative feelings, i.e., attention, admiration, and masculine reassurance, adding with it the reassurance that he truly does possess a worthy male body.

I think it’s great that Throckmorton, who at one time helped advocate this sort of thing (though never in favor of forcing anyone into it), has over the last couple years started to call out these people for their distortions.

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