Allen West: Just Like Abraham Lincoln

Allen West: Just Like Abraham Lincoln December 4, 2012

Allen West is still trying to come to terms with the fact that he lost the reelection bid to keep his House seat and he’s offering some silly excuses and rationalizations. Like apparently it was all God’s will for some mysterious, unknown reason:

MARTIN: So what’s next for you?

WEST: Look, you know, God closes a door so that he can open up greater doors. I will continue to, you know, stand up and fight for this country. That’s my goal. I have two daughters, 19 and 16, and I want to make sure that they grow up in a great America that provides them all the opportunities that it provided to their mother and father.

So God apparently manipulated his loss, caused it to happen, for some greater purpose. How exactly did he do that? Did he change the minds of some voters by fiat to make sure he lost? If so, that’s obviously a conflict with all that free will stuff they use to get out of the problem of evil. If not, how exactly did he close the door? This is one of those Christian mantras that makes no sense at all. But here comes the fun part:

: And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too.

Yeah. And so have thousands of others who then faded into obscurity.

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