‘Pro-life’ = ‘Anti-gay’?

‘Pro-life’ = ‘Anti-gay’? December 5, 2012

Peter Baklinski, writing at LifeSiteNews, tries to explain why so many people who are anti-choice on abortion are also virulently anti-gay. He makes a rather silly and tortured argument that they go together because it has something to do with a “culture of life.”

People often wonder why many people involved in the pro-life movement are also interested in homosexuality-related issues. They especially wonder if defending traditional marriage really has anything to do with being pro-life.

The answer to this is simple: Being pro-life is much more than saving babies. It’s also about fighting for the flourishing of the human person every step of the way, from conception, through birth, through childhood, through adulthood, till natural death. It’s about promoting a “Culture of Life.”

That’s why many pro-lifers aren’t just concerned about abortion: they also tackle euthanasia, cloning, homosexuality, and other life and family issues, which, after a second glance, are found to be all interconnected.

Let me suggest a couple of other explanations. First, the obvious one: The same people are involved because both of those issues involving the authoritarian imposition of their religious beliefs on others. They are both motivated by the zeal to control. Now, the less obvious one: They’re against gay rights and women’s rights because they view them as essentially the same. Their problem with gay people is that they think they act “like women,” which they regard as a bad thing. Gays are not “real men,” you see, they’re more like women — so therefore they must be discriminated against and punished as God demands.

The destroyers of the family began by splitting husbands apart from wives. They did this by introducing contraception into the sexual act under the guise of ‘sexual freedom’. With contraception, spouses took each other’s intimate treasure of fertility and sacrificed it on the altar of sexual freedom so as to increase their sexual availability with ‘no consequences.’

Uh, what? Is there any evidence at all that married couples who use contraception are more likely to divorce than those who don’t? Hard to get a good sample on that because almost everyone uses some form of birth control, including 98% of Catholics, the church that is most opposed to the use of contraception.

Widespread use of contraception led to the need for legalized abortion as a solution to failed contraception.

Uh, no. Widespread use of contraception prevents abortions. But thank you for admitting that the real goal of the anti-abortion group is contraception and the liberty to control one’s own reproduction in any way. That’s what I’ve been saying for years.

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