Worldnutdaily Appealing Esquire Suit

Worldnutdaily Appealing Esquire Suit December 5, 2012

You may recall that the Worldnutdaily sued Esquire magazine earlier this year (for the Dr. Evil-like $250 million) for publishing a parody of Jerome Corsi’s birther bullshit that claimed his book had been recalled by the publisher for inaccuracies. That suit was quickly dismissed by the district court but the WND bravely soldiers on and the appeals court is about to hear the case. You might want to make note of their attorney:

A federal appeals court has set a briefing schedule in WND’s appeal of a district court judge’s decision to dismiss its $250 million lawsuit against Esquire magazine.

“We’re confident that the lower-court decision will be overturned – we’re extremely pleased that the court has set a briefing schedule, and we’re off to the races,” said WND’s attorney in the case, Larry Klayman.

I’m sure Klayman will do the same bang-up job he’s done for Bradlee Dean, who was ordered to pay the legal fees for the defendants (including my former employer, the American Independent News Network) in a similar case. And for the woman in Florida that he bilked out of $25,000. And in his custody case. And in all the cases where he’s been sanctioned and reprimanded by various courts. Some lawyers like to bill themselves as “the attorney for the stars.” Klayman is the attorney for the wingnuts (whenever Orly Taitz and Mat Staver are busy).

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