Ashley Attracts Dumbest Commenter Ever

Ashley Attracts Dumbest Commenter Ever December 7, 2012

Ashley Miller’s post about her father disowning her because she’s dating a black man has justifiably gotten a lot of attention, but it has also attracted two of the dumbest commenters in human history to spew racist bullshit. The first is a guy named Larry, but I’ll ignore him for now to talk about the second guy, who goes by the name leretseh. His comment is to utterly moronic that I thought it might be a Poe, but since he has a blog full of the same crap, that’s unlikely. So let’s get started.

Larry, in spite of your claimed high IQ, I can’t believe you would fall for this tall-tail by little miss “smart-ass.” You claimed you read her bio. She’s a feminist, an atheist and , ergo, a socialist democrat. NEVER engage these people. NEVER do it. They lie at the drop of a hat. They will do anything unethical, even criminal, if they believe it will further their warped ideology. Their ideology drives them. Nothing else. Miss “smart-ass” is most likely making up this entire, or most of, what she writes in this anecdote. And you fell for it. Her major objective here is to SLAM her dad – the “southern conservative.”

Ah yes, a particularly stupid version of the argumentum ad labelum. And here’s his “evidence” for why Ashley is lying:

1) “Smart-ass” claims she has a black boyfriend. Well, where’s the picture of them smiling cheek to cheek? What a pic that be! This blog begs for that pic, yet it’s not prominently displayed at the top. Where is it? Well, it’s not there because “smart-ass” doesn’t have a black boyfriend (I explain why at the end of this post).

This is an idiotic argument to begin with, of course, but it’s also based on a false premise. If you’ve got Ashley on your Facebook, you’ve probably already seen pictures of her with her boyfriend. But he’s just getting warmed up.

2) “Smart-ass” implies she brought her black boyfriend over to surprise her family members for Thanksgiving. Yeah sure. Like he would be a willing party to THAT! Think about it. Also, “smart-ass” claims her Thanksgiving is celebrated by her dad, his wife and his ex-wife (smart-ass’ mom) …all present together? Wife and ex-wife at the SAME festivity? Doesn’t happen people.

Except A) she didn’t say that and B) it does happen. My divorced parents were together for many dinners.

3) “Smart-ass” claims she’s cut off from her dad,. Well if that’s the case, who’s paying for her graduate studies?

Seriously? He’s that fucking stupid? Yep, he is.

4) “Smart-ass” claims that a “mutual friend introduced us” and it was a “long distance” thing. Oh yeah, now THAT sounds believable.

Uh, yeah. It does. Because I’ve actually been in such a relationship. Apparently, since this guy has never left Mayberry, he can’t imagine that people can have friends in other places.

5) No one with the professed beliefs of little miss “smart-ass” could acquire a boyfriend. Smart-ass’ beliefs and a boyfriend is like merging matter with anti-matter – KABOOM! Won’t work. Feminist are incapable of emotions or love. They are hate-filled women whom every male in his right mind would turn his back on.

Oh, of course. Because every man is as stupid as he is, so it’s inconceivable that any man could possibly date a feminist. And the fact that there are millions of feminists married to men does not, in any way, disprove his theory.

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