An Interview With Sanal Edamaruku

An Interview With Sanal Edamaruku December 12, 2012

Pallavi Polanki has an interview in FirstPost with Sanal Edarmaruku, the head of Rationalist International who has had to flee his home country of India due to blasphemy charges being filed against him by the Catholic Church there. Check out this kind of arrogance:

There has been a great response, if you see all the encouraging letters that we received. Many intellectuals, writers and artists as well as numerous common people declared their solidarity with me. Even parts of the Catholic community, among them very prominent figures, ensured me of their support. There have been many articles, some of them excellent, in the media as well as on websites and blogs. And there have been numerous letters to the Archbishop of Mumbai and to the Indian Bishops Conference pressing for withdrawal of the case. The Archbishop did meantime respond with an official statement, declaring that he would get the case against me quashed – if only I apologized.

Of course, I do not consider this an option. I stand with every word that I said and I decline to apologize for presenting evidence based scientific explanations and historic facts. I hope, modern India won’t allow the Catholic Church to burn me at the stake as they did with Giordano Bruno four hundred years back.

Yes, if only he’d apologize for proving them to be full of shit. This is barbarism. And the Catholic Church could put a stop to it if they wanted to. The pope talks grandly of his support for free speech when he’s speaking to Western audiences, but he clearly doesn’t mean it.

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  • Anyone who thinks the Catholic Church has changed since the “good old burn the heretic” days should take note: The Catholic Church thinks telling the truth requires an apology.

  • tubi

    If he said, “I’m sorry your miracle is bullshit, and I apologize for pointing that out to everyone,” would that be sufficient, do you suppose?

  • abb3w

    So, which Cardinal is over that Archbishop?

  • eric

    @1: yup. Places like India and Uganda show exactly what the Church will do when they can get away with it. What they lack in the modern 1st world is merely the realpolitik power to do them.

  • Didaktylos

    “I am so sorry that you find the truth to be offensive”.

  • Sastra

    “I’m sorry that you were offended.”

    You know, the Catholic Church might actually accept a notpology like that, since they are masters of spin (“Edamaruku admits it was wrong to offend believers”) and are probably only interested in the headlines. “Edamaruku Apologizes” would be enough; too few will read the news story and figure out that there was no actual apology.

  • anubisprime

    “The pope talks grandly of his support for free speech when he’s speaking to Western audiences, but he clearly doesn’t mean it.”

    The RCC made a great noise about apologising to Galileo, they actually did not…just regretted the inconvenience.. yep since when has the word ‘regret’ ever meant fulsome ‘apology’?

    But even so they could not behave themselves and sotto voce still blamed Galileo for his intransigence!

    As for Giordano Bruno they are not even bothering, they actually pretended he sealed his own fate against their wishes!

    It is not the pope’s word so much as how he actually says it, that is the greater clue to their actual intent methinks!