GOP Funded Akin Despite Public Statements

GOP Funded Akin Despite Public Statements December 12, 2012

Remember when Todd Akin first made his inane comments about the female body being able to shut down to prevent pregnancy after a rape, when the Republican party said it absolutely would not support him anymore, no matter what? As I said at the time, that was a lie. Here’s the video of Reince Priebus saying so:


“It can be tied. We’re not gonna send him a penny.” Because he doesn’t care about politics, he’s in it for principle. I scoffed at him when he said it and predicted that they would support Akin. And they did. The Republican party didn’t send him a penny, they sent him about 70 million pennies.

But in the final days of the race, the NRSC tried to push Akin over the top, transferring $360,000 to the Missouri GOP on Nov. 1, and another $400,000 on Nov. 2, according to FEC documents released late Thursday night.

And the Missouri GOP spent nearly that much, $756,000 on an ad buy on Oct. 30 and Nov. 1 for “W. Todd Akin,” with the firm Akin used to do his media buying.

How entirely unsurprising. All that talk from Priebus about how this was a matter of principle and he didn’t care about the politics was a lie.

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  • Well, to the GOP, rape is kinda bad-ish, most of the time (if she wasn’t, you know, asking for it), but defeat is unforgivable.

  • busterggi

    No such thing as a principal to Repubes as they constanly demonstrate.

  • brianwestley

    I have it on good authority that the GOP funding body shuts down to prevent advocacy after ill-timed remarks about rape…

  • Republicans who lie? Oh, the humanity!

  • anubisprime

    Is anyone really that surprised…damn it all that is the default attitude of the whole of the tea-party surely?

    Enough of them seem to be of that opinion but realize the the rest of the godless heathen liberals don’t so they only save it for when they are preaching to their own!…

    A kind of nod nod wink wink…’we know what them wimmins’ issues are about’

    A smug little giggle from the men folk in attendance does the rest…is it not strange how utter clueless fear of things female end up as thick as pig iron woefully ignorant fatuous rhetoric in the gobs of the ‘gud ol’ bhoys ‘

    What puzzles me is why their women folk passively allow patently absurd absolutely barking assumptions pass without at least correcting their woefully pathetic grasp of female anatomy, let alone their twisted grasp of what rape actually is ?

    I suppose that the ignorance field is all pervading!

  • Mr Ed

    principle – being seen by the unwashed masses as doing what the unwashed masses think is moral. see cover up, political theater,etch-e-sketch and make believe.

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    I’m looking forward to the next election when the Democrats (hopefully) hammer them time and time again on this:

    “Never forget, Republicans (or) the National Republican Party (or) the Missouri GOP supported Todd Akin, a man who believes that only some rapes are legitimate, after claiming that they would not. They clearly knew it was wrong, but they supported him any way because winning was more important to them than morals.”

    or something like that.

  • fastlane

    Man, all I gotta do to get them to send me that kinda money is make some disparaging remarks about women?

    Nope, can’t do it, I got principles….

  • Well, that was the least surprising news of the day.