Maybe Scooby Doo Can Unmask ‘Jezebel Spirit’

Maybe Scooby Doo Can Unmask ‘Jezebel Spirit’ December 13, 2012

Harvard recently recognized the Harvard College Munch, a student group whose goal is to “promote a positive and accurate understanding of alternative sexualities and kink on campus, as well as to create a space where college-age adults may reach out to their peers and feel accepted in their own sexuality.” And the wingnuts are beside themselves about it. This cracked me up:

Kinky sex is the realm of the Jezebel spirit, which sanctions sexual immorality (Rev. 2:20). Jezebel is the seducer that entices people to engage in all manner of sexual immorality, from teenage fornication to full-fledged kink. It’s a widespread demonic influence in our society—and a demonic influence that has invaded the church. To be sure, Jezebel is behind the fall of celebrated generals who ended their career with scandals and celebrated pastors who stepped down from the pulpit with shame.

Harvard’s official line is that, it “does not endorse the views or activities of any independent student organization.” But giving kinky sex activists a space on campus, making it possible for them to apply for grants to fund the promotion of their perversions, and allowing the group to market itself around the institution legitimizes sexual immorality. Harvard has effectively given a nod to Jezebel…

Many Harvard students may otherwise never be exposed to kink, but the spirit of Jezebel will take any opportunity it can to seduce anyone into the bondage of sexual immorality. I pray that university-approved kink sex club does not lead curious students into natural and spiritual bondage but the stark reality is that no good can come from this group—but plenty of Harvard-approved evil is now crouching at dorm room doors.

Devi Nair, vice president of the Harvard Republicans Club, put it this way in a Harvard Crimson article about the club: “Allowing for such a group tacitly ignores the fact that … modern society still promotes certain boundaries. Allowing for a kinky sex group will only foster similar, if not more extreme clubs within our community.”

Yeah, Republicans like their kinky sex to be behind closed doors, with someone other than their wife. Or with a gay prostitute. Or a Rentboy. But always in secret, so no one finds out that all that talk about morality and family values is just a marketing campaign.

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