Dumbass Quote of the Day

Dumbass Quote of the Day December 15, 2012

Jennifer Roback Morse is the president of the Ruth Foundation, an anti-gay think tank attached to the National Organization for Marriage. And she’s offended — terribly offended — at the Obama administration’s healthcare mandate. Wait till you hear her reason why:

The Department of Health and Human Services’ recent birth control mandate, requiring employers to provide birth control in their health plans, for instance, referred to birth control as “preventative care.” The implication, Morse said, is that pregnancy is a disease or illness.

“I deeply resent the implication that the normal healthy functioning of my body is considered an illness,” Morse implored. “The mandate itself is offensive and is evidence of a war against women’s fertility.”

Birth control is preventative care. It prevents pregnancy, as most women want to do at some times of their life (and some at all times of their life). Notice what’s missing entirely from this analysis: a woman’s right to choose — not to have an abortion, just to use contraception. For Morse, birth control interferes with the “normal functioning” of a woman’s body, as though the brain is not part of the body and should have no decisions to make about what happens to that body. Because, she says, fertility is a “gift from God.” So shut up, women and just take it. No doesn’t mean no when God is the one making the decisions.

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